Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Confessions of a Moe's-a-holic

So, I love sharing my cooking messes and successes from all my home "chef-ing" with you guys. However, I also thought I should share one of the meals I eat more often than my own cooking.

So, without further ado, I give you my "fall back that I eat once a week and never get sick of" meal:

That's right- Good ol Moe's! This is a "Naked Moo" with tofu and veggies instead of meat with rice, pinto beans, lettuce, house salsa and corn salsa, guac, fresh jalapenos and cucumber. And no, I don't deviate. Miss Adventurous Eater doesn't deviate at Moe's (except for the occasional Instant Friend quesadilla if I'm super hungry).  Plus chips and the amazing green salsa (I don't know what the store calls it-I call it green!). I can drink that stuff-um, actually maybe I have, but that report hasn't been confirmed.

Also, you know it's a good day, when you open your bag of chips to find the perfect leaning tower of salsa. My bestie Christine and fellow Moe's-a-holic loves her house salsa!

Phew-glad I got that off my chest!

Love to all,
~the Naked Moo girl, Jess


Rachel Wilkerson said... Best Blogger Tips

I just had my first experience at Moe's a couple weeks ago in the ATL airport and I definitely liked it! I'm more of a Chipotle girl but I could totally get behind Moe's more often!! I love quick and easy Mexican like this!

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