Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Operation Dry Wall

It's that time guessed it folks: An Abarnment Update! (Please read all the above in the announcer voice from the Price is Right....umkthanks!)

I'll keep this post simple and to the point. We are thisclose to being done with all the dry wall, and I couldn't resist doing a photo update any longer, so here we go!

La Cucina (eventually!) 

The dining room/living room as taken from the "front" (and only!) door

Glorious closet! 

El Bano (one day a toilet will occupy that blank space....)

View from the "living room" Yay for semi-vaulted ceilings!

Chillin' with Freddy, the super wonderful AC unit! My main man! Whoot. 

So, in spite of how nice and neat all the finished dry wall mud looks on the walls....well, this was a perfect opportunity to show you all why I'm known as Messi Jessi 'round the block:

This picture doesn't even begin to show how much dry wall mud I am covered in everyday when we close up shop....I keep finding mud in random places, my hair, my hip bone, behind my ears, go figure! (oh and that shop I just mentioned? Check it: The second floor of the barn you see in the background will be my abode very soon!)  Also, installing dry wall mud is a full body workout my friends (please excuse the I'm so tired poochy belly in the above photo! I promise I'm getting a daily workout)....who needs Body Pump when you have Dry Wall Mudding Pump? bahaha, I crack myself up!

Love to all,
~the little mudder herself, Jess

PS. Want to see all the progress? Just search for "abarnment" in my super fabulous search bar! yay technology!


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Poochy? Quite the contrary- I think you're looking svelt and them legs look like they've been runnin'!

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