Monday, July 26, 2010

Country Mouse Training

So, the last time I brought up workouts here in the boonies I was a bit whinny: I have no paved roads/street lights/the gym is far away-wah-wah-wah.  However, since I wrote that wahmbulance worthy post I've noticed quite a few silver linings in the gray clouds of being a city mouse turned country mouse.

Here are the amazing benefits of training in the country (in no particular order):
  • I might play the fool-but I don't look like a fool, because no one is around to see me! So if I want to first pump to my music or run circles in my driveway, well, I damn sure will.
  • I can make as much noise as I want/need. I can huff and puff and scream and gasp for air and use explicitness-Oh #$%* and Holy $&!% are my personal favorites these days.  It's probably a good thing no one can hear me, they might think I was having a different type of workout session, if you know what I mean.
  • I can strip next to the pool and cool off directly after a run. Nuff said.
I'm fairly certain I can't do any of the above at my gym without being asked to leave, not to mention what would happen to my membership, considering I'm a repeat offender on all of the above.

Speaking of repeat offender, check out my workout schedule last week:

Sunday- 1.87 mile training run (run/walk intervals)
Monday-rest day
Tuesday- AM: 1.99 mile training run (run/walk intervals)
                PM: Vinyasa Yoga Class
Wednesday-1.96 mile training run (run/walk intervals)
Thursday- rest day danced with cheerleaders to finish up Dance Day Routine
Friday-  AM: 2.09 mile training run (run/walk intervals)
              PM: Body Pump
Saturday- 2.42 mile training run (run/walk intervals)
Sunday- Spin Class

Um, seriously-who am I? Do you see all that running? sheesh. And 2 a days? Get out!

Love to all,
~the sweaty little country mouse herself, Jess


healthy ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice job on your workouts!!!!

Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

You go girl;))

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