Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Country Mouse Exercise Plan.....

A few years ago my grandmother participated in a UF study on obesity in rural women (side note: my grandmother is not clinically obese, but she is overweight per her BMI-I think she's pleasantly plump!). At the time I didn't get the concept, because I was living in WPB with 24hr fitness center right in my apartment complex and lit sidewalks as far as the eye could see.

Well, this city mouse returned to the country has been in for a real rural awakening this year (since August 2009 I mean).  I have been struggling to get into some kind of consistent workout regiment ever since I turned in my keys to my sweet little St. Pete Condo.....le sigh.  I went from 2-3 days of yoga every week plus walking/running with the puppster everyday to...well, much less than that.

When you live in the world of no street lights, no paved streets (hello twisted ankle in my driveway if you zone out!), 45 minute drive to the gym, hour trek to the yoga studio AND no bike lanes, effective workouts get really rough. Especially when Standard Time aka, why the freak is it dark at 5pm?, starts up again in the fall.

The lucky news is while I haven't technically gained any weight, lets just say my clothes don't fit so cute any more. (And yes, I know muscle weights more than fat....I'm not unaware of what happened here. Naive and innocent just sounds so much better right? Moving on....)

Anyways, while I'm still optimizing getting my monies worth out of the gym in the summer time I do have a new little project to start working on in July (that's only 2 days away loves!)

As I mentioned, my soul sister is encouraging me to pick up running again (or really for the first time, since I never broke the one mile marker last year!) and was so kind as to send me a beginning runner 5k training program from the book Run Less, Run Faster which helped her recover from an injury from her last marathon.

I know I'm being stupid and starting a running program in the middle of the freaking summer, again, but I have my eye on some fun Disney races in October and figured no time better than the present, right? I hope so RIGHT.

Love to all,
~the chubby little country mouse, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm REALLY excited about this! Like I said- I absolutely hated running for at least 6 months, but I forced myself to do it and have loved it ever since. Races are the BEST and you'll never go back after you've experienced it- I'm dying to do a disney race myself and will hopefully get down there sooner rather than later...

You can always hop in the car and drive a few minutes to a better running spot with sidewalks for your runs?

Happy running love!

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