Friday, June 4, 2010

The Anatomy of a S'more

So, it was that time of the year, the school year that is. Summer's looming, alongside final exams; and if you think the kids are getting wacky, well the teachers are even wackier. Or this crazy nut teacher is anyways.

So, when one of my darling 9th grade Biology Students asked if they could make S'mores with the bunsen burners, well I actually said yes, and made it into an anatomy lesson. Well, and with the condition that they supply the supplies....I'm getting smart here in my "old age"...have the kids spend the money, not me! Horray.

Check out the successful "lab"The set up (I really should be a caterer....maybe my next profession)

Some of my Biology I students making their "dissection specimens" (I don't have a media agreement on file with them, so please excuse the blurred faces-privacy is key in 2010!)

Of course I couldn't let the kids have all the chocolate, errrr, I mean fun, so I made one too. Delicious success!

And with that snack-y goodness documented I can now say I have sucessfully completed my first year as a high school science teacher. And I'm only a tad bit crazier for it. Give or take the tad. hehe.

Love to all,
~the soaking up the summer school teacher, Jess


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