Thursday, June 10, 2010


In keeping with the theme of fresh, simple foods for the steamy summer time, my family was lucky enough to score some HUGE jumbo shrimp from a local fisherman- he flash freezes them on the boat-it doesn't get much better than than people since Gville isn't coastal :(

As you can see, they were not peeled or deveined, but no worries, shelling uncooked shrimp is no different from peeling cooked "boil n eat" shrimp...well, ok, so you have to pop off their heads and remove their guts. No biggie. (actually I think this is really fun, but I'm kind of a sicko, so go figure!)
No, don't peel me....I'm so cute! And yes, I was doing the dance around the kitchen singing to the shrimp skit too. Ok, that isn't a skit, I just made it up because it sounded good. I warned you I was a dork.
Seriously Jumbo:
Before peeling

After peeling:
Still massive!

Skewered up and grilled with garlic butter and some Cajun seasoning.

Served upon a bed of grits, with a few steamed crab claws and an ear of corn. Ok, so it was a night of seafood and corn, but it's summer people. Yum!

And trust me my loves, I'm going to enjoy as much gulf seafood as I can, before the entire ecosystem is totally destroyed by this on going oil spill. So, so sad.

Love to all,
~the seriously in favor of green energy because I love the gulf coast gal, Jess


Rachel Wilkerson said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh just popping heads of crustaceans, no big deal...

I'm seriously impressed.

The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious. And you're so right to enjoy it while you can. :(

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job, Jess!!!!-elana

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