Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dippy-do-dah Dads!

It's Father's Day....and since my summer program at UF starts in T-minus 3 hours (more on that later, Gators!) I've been in the kitchen since I awoke this morning, making the dinner and dessert I won't be present to enjoy. I'm a pretty ok daughter.

In addition to the chopping, boiling, shredding and shouting of obscenities as I burnt myself with chicken stock I also had time to make Daddy-dearest a snack of dips.

Well, ok, "make" is taking things a bit far....I doctored up some guac in a tub (so shameful when my homemade version is divine and this was...well, edible by my father's garage disposal eating habits), put out an new container of Sabra's Jalapeno hummus with some pretzel crackers, pita chips and multigrain tortilla chips (the little stinker got into the hummus before I could snap my picture!)

While my Dad and I often buttheads and bruise each other's egos (because we are really the same stubborn yet sensitive slobs in different packaging) I love my Daddy with all my might and cherish all the lessons he has taught me and how much he supports all most of my crazy endeavors.

My Daddy and I (plus Mom-I didn't have any of just Dad and I???) at my undergrad graduation in 2008.

So, whether you have the pleasure of living with your dip- I mean Dad!- like me, or if you are separated by many miles, call your Daddy and show him some love.....or at least mail him a coupon for Sabra Jalapeno Hummus, since it's "the manly flavor" according to my Dippy-Dad!

Love to all,
~The equally dippy-darling-daughter, Jess


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Great pic of you and the parental units!

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