Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy (Good) Cuban!

In the theme of continuing the Charlotte Vacay reminiscing (does 3 days ago even count as reminiscing? Oh well, I say it does, so here we go!) I have a very special meal to share with you.

I mentioned that we went to a Cuban Restaurant for dinner one night, but what I didn't tell you was George is Cuban, so we went to a very authentic Cuban place in Uptown called A Piece of Havana.  And since it was really a late lunch/early dinner we were the only patrons. AND it turns out George is a frequent customer, so the server greeted us like long lost family.

I honestly wasn't super hungry and most of the menu was serious meals, so I got the "standard":
A Media Noche- or Cuban Sandwich. The bread was crisp, flaky and buttery and I loved the long cut in the sandwich and the cute "hanging off the edge" presentation. For not being hungry I sure devoured every crunchy bite!

I was a little jealous of Abigail's meal:

Ropa Vieja or Stewed Shredded Beef- Boiled in its natural juices, shredded, marinated and cooked to perfection with our house sauce.
  I'm not the biggest beef eater these days, but the bite I snitched was mighty tasty....I wish I knew what all was in the "house sauce" because it was a great flavor profile! The side of rice and beans was perfection. 

When the waiter came back around to see if we wanted dessert I declined, because the only thing on the menu was flan. I don't really like flan. I used to date a Cuban boy myself back in college and we always had to go have flan at his Abuela's house.....and I smiled and choked it down, because I'm a good girl like that and there was already plenty of tension in the family since he was dating a "white girl"....imagine if I had stated I didn't like flan! And you think Italians are obsessive over food, you haven't been force fed by Cuban women! ha. 

Well, imagine my surprise when the waiter comes back with not only a coffee for George but TWO flans, one for Ab and one for myself. 

I took a small, polite and very reluctant bite. And proceeded to die and go to heaven. Oh My Cuban GODS! So amazing. This was more like a custard than the watery flan I had experienced all my life and the bottom (which would be the top during the baking process) was packed with toasted coconut.  I moaned and groaned and licked the plate clean. Which would have been really inappropriate had I not been in an empty restaurarant with 2 of my best friends who know how crazy I am over food.  Havana's I'm coming back for the flan....wait a few months and it's ON!

Man-it's a good thing that my ex's grandmother didn't make flan like that, I would have had to have dated him longer. Phew!

Love to all,
~the Cuban dessert convert, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

This post is perfection. I laughed out loud the entire time I was reading it. And then I read it out loud to George and he laughed, too.

We MISS you!

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