Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thai Treats

One of the "gems" of Gville is Lake Alice....but I think the real prize here is Chopstix, an amazing Pan Asian/Fusion restaurant that sits on its shores.

My lovely dinner date and I enjoyed an great evening out on the patio, watching the gators swarm around, gossiping and munching on some of the best Thai food in "gator city."

I started the night off with 2 small sushi rolls. Honestly, these were nothing to rave about, a common side-effect I've found about ordering sushi at primarily Thai restaurants. And yet I keep doing it. Silly I know....my only explanation is my love of sushi began when I worked at a Pan Asain restaurant called Tai Sui, which sadly is now out of business. So I know it IS possible. Anyways, the rest of my meal more than made up for it.

I got a spin on the classic noodle dish: Pad Thai but with tofu and veggies, instead of the traditional chicken or shrimp. (Chopstix has tons of great other dishes, I was just really craving pad thai that night) You can see Steph's amazing sweet and sour chicken in the background. I snitched a few peppers of her plate and it was very tasty!
All mixed up so you can see the goods!

Speaking of goods, Steph talked me into splurging this lovely thing with her:
I don't know what I thought fried ice cream was going to be, but this was a chewy, doughy, cinnamon spiked bowl of deliciousness! Such a treat!

Love to all,
~the I wish I was Thai sometimes gal, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

You should try Dragonfly's fried ice cream- DEELISH! (Of course, as everything at Dfly is delish)

The tofu looks SO good- looks like something my sis and I would make on our "boyfriend-UN-friendly" dinner nights :)

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