Monday, June 14, 2010

Long Lunches are Lovely

If you have been reading closely, or even just reading at all, the last few posts you probably picked up on the fact that I've been outside the Sunshine State for a couple of days. Four fabulous days to be exact, enwhich I hoped a rather turbulent, but direct, flight up to Charlotte, NC to visit one of my dearest friends, Abigail and her wonderful hubby George (we were all college roomies, way back when). And even though we are all 2-3 years post college now, we still live on what seems like college budgets, so my vacation time with them was simple and oh so sweet.

We explored Uptown Charlotte and had dinner at a fabulous Cuban restaurant (stay tuned for details on those),  and caught a late night showing of Russel Crowe's Robin Hood (if you like epic war movies than you will love this. I happen to be a fan, so I was very entertained, even if a two hour plus film is a bit excessive, no matter the theme).

But mostly we just chilled together: by the pool, on the couch, lounging in bed with Miss Shadow (Ab's Pomeranian, whom I adore and missed seeing all the time. Love you Sha-Sha!), oh and did I mention over food? Yep, us girlies love some food and we found ourselves having wonderful conversations over breakfast, dinner and you guessed it, LUNCH!

And honestly, if you had this spread out before you, to enjoy with your best girlfriend you would take an accidental two and a half hour lunch, too. Don't believe me? Check it out:

"Stinky cheese and sausage" (said by the hostess with the mostess, Abigail, not this crazy gal- the stinkier the better in my book!), tomatoes and avocado drizzled in olive oil and spices, black olives, the best cantaloupe of the season, whole wheat saltines and oh-my-orgasm homemade chocolate truffle balls. So divine. Washed down with a glass (or three) of strawberry spiked white zinfandel- usually I prefer dry white or spicy red, so I was a little hesitant when Ab pulled this out of the fridge, but it was perfect for a summer lunch.

A lunch which lasted until George walked in the door from work at 5:15pm! Whoops. Now that is what I call a "lunch break!"

Love to all,
~the extended summer luncher, Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww! Your photos make everything look so pretty! I love that we cleaned up our lunch dishes and immediately started making dinner. Southern women to the core! I miss you so much and can't wait for our next visit.

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