Monday, June 28, 2010

The Parental Units Take on Stubbies

So, my undying love for Stubbies is well know by any and all of my friends, family members and even strangers I chat with in the grocery store. And I'd been begging my Mom and Dad to come glory in the wonders of 400+ beers and amazing German Food for quite some time. Mom was game, naturally...she's usually adventurous if it makes me happy but, Dad. Well, Dad was another story.

See, Dad has been getting pressure not only from me to visit Stubbies, but also Ryan, one of his now graduated students (Dad is a college professor), who I met at Stubbies only to learn we had a very close "mutual friend" if you will.  But Dad is very brand loyal when it comes to beer: He's a Budweiser man through and through and it's hard to get him to budge. He usually sips my beer and then makes some rude comment (he thinks it's funny, but hey, I'm a beer snob....don't knock my beverage literally or figuratively, thank you very much!)

But finally after 6 months of nagging coercing he finally caved...that and I offered to pick up the tab.

So off we trucked to downtown Gville and after settling into one of my favorite hightops (not the one in the window, aka the hell table!) we ordered round one of the night.

Honestly, I don't remember what my first draft was (I'm about a month behind on this post!): It was something off the draft board, maybe something by Collins? Anyways, it was "odd" according to Max, but very smokey. I LOVED it.... and I do recall it went down quickly!
[I will check my list next time I'm in and update you! ]

EDITED TO ADD: I was right: Fort Collin's Scotch Ale

My 2nd brew was a copy of my Mom's first. She wanted (per my suggestion) the Golden Pheasant, but they were out, so Max brought her his next best guess. We both loved this lovely, crispy yet creamy Burgerbrau Pil. Yum.

Dinner was a lovely sausage platter served up with the cold cucumber salad (so refreshing!) and potato pancakes with dilled mayo of course! Plus 'kraut and rye bread. I actually ended up eating everything but the sausage. Shrugs. The "I could never go vegetarian because I love sausage" girl didn't finish her sausage? What is wrong with me!?!

Dessert was a beautiful friend: dear old St. Bernardus knocked my socks off with his Abt 12, even if it was in the bottle (this is one of Stubbies regulars on draft-they just have a bunch of summer seasonal stuff right now.)

So, what was Mom and Dad's thoughts? Mom loved it and can't wait to go back! [Side note: I should have taken a picture of her Jaeger Schnitzel-it was devine!] Dad is Dad and nursed a Genesse Cream Ale all night. Le sigh. I told him just to tell Max what he likes (Amberbock) and they would get him something similar, but no.....he drank Genny Cream Ale. Oh well, at least he was a cheap night out, Genny Cream Ale and PBR are the cheapest beers at Stubbies- $2.50!

You just can't teach an old dog to drink new beer I guess. 

Love to all,
~the glad at least 1/2 of my parent's like my favorite hangout, Jess


Christine said... Best Blogger Tips

love "the hell table." perfect description!

The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips


You know I'm not really into beer but I do love me some good German food. You sausage plate has me drooling.

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