Sunday, July 11, 2010

Uptown Girls....

I know, I know, I'm such a tease.....I told you all about the wonderful time I had in Charlotte NC, and shared some great meals with you and then just like that hussy in high school I left you hanging, with just a glimpse of cleavage suggestion about sharing my Uptown Adventures with you all. Well, let's put the blue blog balls away and get on with it, shall we?

So, on the last full day of my trip to visit Abigail and George, "us girls" rode in to work with George, since he works in the heart of Uptown. While he plugged away, doing amazing computer things I won't even pretend to comprehend Ab and I created our very own walking tour of Uptown....well, we were going to go on a guided tour, but the tour guide was on vacation. Not to be discouraged we grabbed maps and set off on foot. 7 hours later and a couple "wrong turns" we had trekked the whole area, South to North and back again.....oh and we got some good photos too. I'll get on with those and keep the jibba-jabba to a minimum for this post.

Most of these are Abigail's....I noticed we were taking very similar photos, but hers are always better than mine, so you can assume if it's "good" it's hers! (Thanks for letting me share, love!)

The next two are actually mine....I'm really pleased with how they came out, so I have to brag a little.

The Future-one of the Four Titans 

So, I obviously liked "The Garden" a lot! PS. Do you spy Abigail in this collection? :)

"Cascade" is actually moving art...think a giant grown-up's mobile. Loved it, could have sat for hours and watched!

The "Crayola Room" in Wachovia II. While a great spot for jumping photos (and getting strange looks in the process! LML) it actually documents the building of the Wachovia Buildings. I have a thing for industrial photos (and color-duh!), so I LOVED this room! Makes me, ahem, jump for joy!

The rest of these are all from what became my favorite place in Uptown: The Green. The entire area (probably 2 blocks by one 1 block) is between the beautiful St. Peter's Catholic Church and the end of the Wachovia Buildings/Shops. A great literary theme is continued throughout in the details of brick work, brass art and landscaping, all of which are just so beautiful and relaxing. Ab and I spend about 3 hours here total during our day of adventures...some how we just kept wandering back. See why for yourself:

By the end of the day, post art admiring, post street foodie fair crashing (just got freebies: iced coffee, a tiny taste of omgamazing gelatto, and Fage (my fave yogurt!) with peaches) what are girls to do but go back to the best Green Space in the Queen City and photowhore build up Abigail's photography portfolio? Here are my three favorites from a series at the Fish Fountain in St. Peter's courtyard. (for more of the photoshoot that day check out my About Me page)

Love to all,
~the tease city explorer, Jess


Kelsey said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you've seen more of Charlotte than I have + I've lived here for almost 3 years!!

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said... Best Blogger Tips

yay it's my new city :) :) pretty pictures, jes!

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