Monday, July 19, 2010

Grilled Veggies-Round Two!

A bunch of asparagus was calling my name from the refrigerator, as chicken sizzled on the grill. I guess ol "gus" must have been lonely, so I prepped up those lovely green spears and gave them some time with the coals too!

Check it:

Washed and trimmed asparagus waiting to be dressed with
EVOO, grated garlic, the zest of a lemon, sea salt, black pepper and paprika.

My first capture of "food porn!" I'm so proud! 

All dressed up and nowhere to go waiting for the grill.

Grill, baby, grill! Disco Inferno! 

Fin! I squeezed the juice of the lemon I zested once these babies came off the heat. 
(PS. Sorry for what is apparently a blurry photo- I was getting hungry, ie impatient!)

With the chicken and a "packet potato"- a sliced baking potato with slices of onion in between wrapped in foil and baked on the grill.

A lovely grilled summer meal! 
(PS. That is Greek Yogurt in the back for dipping my potato in-yummy!)

Love to all,
~the, I could really get used to all these fresh grilled veggies gal, Jess

PS. Even more lovely than my dinner are the fresh flowers Mom picked up this week. I love how fresh flowers brighten up a home and think it's great that most grocery stores carry them now.


Rachel Wilkerson said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE grilled asparagus. And those potatoes look pretty boss too! YUM!!

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