Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Meal is Brought to you by the Letter "P"

And "P" is for very favorite supermarket and once of the reasons it would be so hard to move out of the true "deep south".

If you want to be technical, nearly all my home cooked meals are courtesy of Publix (with the assistance of far too large a portion of my paycheck each month!), however, this lovely and filling salad, really has the stamp of Publix my approval.

I give you the quickest Asian Salmon Salad ever....and I have this lovely black bag to thank for it.

When I was perusing the sale flier last week I saw a "new item" of Publix Premium Bagged Salads, BOGO. You had me at "buy one!"

The star of tonight's show was the Makoto Honey Ginger Salad Kit which contains a mix of romaine and green lettuce, dried pineapple, honey roasted soy nuts and ginger salad dressing. I just mixed all the components together and then topped it with a fresh salmon burger, from the seafood counter, also at Publix.

This was a great "go to" dinner after a long day teaching 125 students plus dealing with parents and administration which kept me at school from 7am until 6pm! Even better was I had 1/2 a bag of salad left, which I topped with the other (camera shy) salmon burger that I proceeded to lug to school for lunch the next day. Nothing gets me through my crazy mornings at school like knowing some yummy leftovers are in my lunch bag!

I don't usually cater towards the "premade" stuff, since it tends to be overpriced, but both these items were great and I would gladly purchase them again, sale or no.

Love to all,
~the "didn't you get my Sesame Street reference?" gal, Jess


AL said... Best Blogger Tips

lol yes I got it Sesame street! I love publix. and i love this peanut butter you introduced me to! i'm eating it right now. yummmmmm. <3

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

I <3 Publix too! My only other favorite that might beat Publix is Fresh Market. haha.

Looks delish!!

itsjustmebabe said... Best Blogger Tips

Your blog makes me regret that I never had the 14th anniversary Sam Adams! If only it could age like wine...way to celebrate race day, the food looks amazing!

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