Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Racing Eats: Food is NOT Fuel in my World

See, I'm a foodie, first and foremost... and yes, this is a lifestyle in itself.  Rachel has been doing a series on owing who we are, as well as not being sorry for NOT being sorry, and that couldn't be more true when it comes to my relationship with food, because seriously, food is my number one lover. Sorry boys....but the good news is I also love to share my lover, with my lover.

So, for my first race (which was at night....therefore I had to get through a full day of eats before the start, ya dig?) I continued to take pleasure in food and eat like I always do, veggie heavy, saucy and beautiful. Just like moi!

For my race day lunch Jenna and I trekked over to  Chai Thai which is only a few blocks from her house.

You have to love a place that offers lunch specials on a Saturday! Tasty salad, hot and crispy spring roll, but the real story here is that beautiful bowl of Panang curry (tofu and veggies please). I know many people would cringe at the idea of eating Thai curry before a race, but this is what I eat and I'm not going to eat the boring marinara over whole wheat penne or pizza, cause that just isn't me (not that I don't enjoy pasta or pizza, I just like rice and curry better! hehe)

The whole time I was running (or speed walking!) I was day dreaming about beer. What else? See Sam Adams always does a special "Festival" beer for Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. Last year's 14th Anniversary Ale blew my mind and I was hoping for the same this year.

As soon as the relay shuttle dropped us off at Epcot- in the back alley of America, it was oh so convenient for me to run right to the Sam Adams booth and get my 15th Anniversary Ale and a Lobster Roll. The beer was refreshing and tasty, but didn't hold a candle to 14 from last year. The lobster roll was flat out ick: cold and flavor-less. I'm so glad that my race voucher was used to "purchase" this because it wasn't worth the $7.50 it would have cost me.

I walked around the "after party" which was just 20 of the F&W booths around the world showcase while Jenn ran her portion of the race. I stopped at a new booth (to me anyways) Singapore and picked up a Shrimp Cake with Spicy Noodles.

 And took a one-way trip to salt city. Whooah. The noodles were tasty though, thankfully. I decided to lay off the eats for a little while and wandered over to wait for my wonderful teammate at Argentina, which we had chosen as our meet up location.

"Why Argentina?" you might ask.

Um, yeah....that's why (picture from last year-I was sick of the low lighting issues)- this Grilled Beef Skewer with Chimichurri Sauce and Boniato Pureé didn't stand a chance against two hungry girls at 1am! So delicious. I didn't want any more liquid refreshment at that point though, and just stuck with my trusty water bottle the rest of the evening.

Jennifer and I wandered around the after party a bit longer and I finally made one more purchase as it was getting a little cool out....well that and I'm a soupaholic

So, just ignore the sausage plate (another recycled picture from last year) and focus on the beautiful Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. Perfect, perfect, perfect ending to the night.

The next day I couldn't get enough water, so when Jenna and Jesse- my besties and wonderful Orlando home away from home- suggested I join Jesse's family for lunch at Little Saigon it didn't take much convincing.

We started with a shared plate of shrimp rolls and fish sauce (there were more, I wasn't quick enough with my camera!).

And then my shrimp and crab Pho arrived. Honestly, there are no words. Do you ever have that meal that you didn't know you were craving, but it ends up being the perfect thing? Yep, it was one of those days!

Check out those beautiful glass noodles. I added some extra mint and basil, plus fish sauce and then proceeded to nearly drain every drop. More please? While we are doing the foodie 20 questions, does anyone else get so involved with their food that they get a buzz off it? Cause I do, and this meal was an amazing bowl of intoxication. See I told you food is my lover....I even get drunk off it's kiss.

Love to all,
~the "I run so I can eat, not eat so I can run" girl, Jess


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