Friday, November 19, 2010

60 is Sexy!

Meet Mrs. Susan. And her daughter, Ashley.  She is 60 years old. (Susan. Not Ashley.) No really...she is. And therefore, 60 is sexy.

I can only hope to look as half beautiful and vibrant when I hit the big 6-0.  Obviously, such a wonderful woman, deserves a big birthday celebration. And celebrate we did!

The location:

Bedner's Tiki Hut, obvs.

In case you were wondering Bedner's is a farm fresh market that is literally farm fresh. Because Bedner's is a farm. And a market. So you know I had to go drool over the produce, since I'm a little obsessed with groceries, etc.

I love peppers.

Fruit is pretty, but I'm a veggie girl at heart.

As in eggplants as big as your head. 


Pickles! holy yum.

How the heck do you roast these, besides over an open fire? 
Chestnuts are rocks from as far as I can tell.

As if the market wasn't lovely enough, we went on a farm tour. On a tractor. Sort of.

We went behind the tractor.  :D

Bees to help with pollination.

The girls were laughing at how many pictures I took, considering I live in an agricultural community surrounded by farmland. Bedner's is true agroscience, which is another world compared to the vast, but simple corn, watermelon and tobacco fields I grew up next to. I was enamored by the neat rows of visqueen wrapped soil, producing beautiful tomato, pepper and strawberry plants. I also admired the maze of aquaducts for keeping all those lovely plants well hydrated and happy. 

Ash and Marianne

The birthday girl with "her girls." Mrs. Susan spoiled us all while we were in college. She did our hair, had us over for dinner, traded shoes, jewelry and magazines with us in exchange for the promise we would keep her hair colored no matter what happens when she "gets old." Looks like that is going to be an easy promise to keep, Mrs. Susan!

After a few more photo ops, it was time for dinner, also catered by Bedner's

I loaded up my plate with huge helpings of the sides, and nibbled on the smoked chicken and brisket, only to abandon the meat in search of more slaw, greens and mac. Oh my goodness, nothing beats southern classics out on a farm (which is next to US 441 ironically) on a beautiful night.

If you don't want to take my word for it, just ask Petey-Pie. He likes to sit at the table, just like a person.

After a round of "Happy Birthday" led by Laura, Susan's other daughter, and a few more photo ops, it was time for the dance party! Whoot. Enjoy the ruckus we kicked up!

Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful, caring, passionate women I know.

Love to all,
~the "I'm so honored to be one of Mrs. Susan's 'girls'" gal, Jess


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