Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stretching Hallooooooooween.

My beloved October Holiday flew by. No really, it

But lucky for me, and you, my lovely readers, I have Halloween blogs that "ain't never been rit" as my students would say.

Oh, did I mention my students? Cause you are going to meet a few of them today. See, when your crazy science teacher (oh, wait- that's me! Hi!) is obsessed with Halloween, pumpkins and dry ice, things get a little spooky the Friday before Halloween.

Who needs candles when you have dry ice, eh?

Some students chose to wear each their own! Check out the great action shot behind pumpkin head.

And the best part of about 30 pumpkins being carved in my classroom? 

Ooddles of pumpkin seeds to roast! And yes, I shared some with the kids....but just a few!

Love to all,
~the, "hey, a teacher has to take her (holiday) perks where she can" gal, Jess

PS. You can do more adult "things" with dry ice too.  Add it to your hunch punch or beer (as I demonstrate below) Halloween next year....or hell, just your next "night in!"


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the pumpkin head and the idea of adding dry ice to my alone-time champagne drinking.

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