Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project Tasteless: Pretend Postpartum Potatoes

I'm a comfort food gal from wayyyyy back. So I nearly jizzed my pants when Rachel posted the next Project Tasteless prompt: the "Girls Who Eat Their Feelings Challenge" aka classic comfort food.

This gal's choice of comfort food? Potatoes, cause in reality I'm a good Irish lassie. A good Irish lassie who seems to be the only single girl in a whirling friends circle of moving in together, engagements, weddings and babies! (really? babies!?! ack!). So, when it's a chilly night at home, in your (sweet) single girl loft, with the company of your fur-baby, Chubby the Mutt, and the blogosphere by your side sometimes a girl needs a little pick me up. 'Cause trust me, when your brain starts wandering over to the dark side and contemplating weddings, houses and babies (really? babies!?! ack!) you will need a distraction, stat. 

So, in the name of the game, I give you the Triple Threat:  Pretend Postpartum Potatoes. I'm sure you've all heard of hysterical pregnancy (thank you Glee)....well, what is a crazy girl to do, who certainly isn't pregnant (thank you Jesus!) but has an odd lust for maternity clothes? (Sorry, I'm not sorry, I just love the baggy sweater/leggings combo) Have no fear ladies, just woof these potatoes down and you'll have a food baby in no time, and followed by some serious postpartum, which can be solved with a jaunty run or some soul soothing sun salutations.

Let's just do the damn thing.

  •  1lb red bliss potatoes
  • ~4 strips of bacon: cooked, cooled, and crumbled
  •  8oz spinach (I prefer fresh, but was out and had to resort to frozen) 
  •  chunk o' goat cheese (I don't really measure, sorry)
  • 1/2 a chuck of cream cheese (this is just to make the potatoes a little creamier...what ever measurement you used for the goat cheese, 1/2 it for the cream cheese) 
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sriracha sauce for garnish (and if you want to spice up your postpartum!)

Get worked up Work it up:

  • Boil the potatoes until fork tender
  • Steam the spinach (or thaw it- if you are using frozen)
  • Drain the potatoes and dump them back in the pot
  • Mix it all up and bam- baby bump in no time!

    Bubblin' away in the gene pool potato pot!

    Come to Momma.

    I did boil the potatoes whole, but as I tossed the potatoes with the spinach, cheese and bacon, they started to break apart. No complaints coming from me 'cause there is no point in crying over spilled milk split potatoes.

    Plated and garnished with aforementioned sriracha, basil for some brightness and freshly grated parma cheese. Yes, more cheese! There is no such thing as too much cheese in my crazy P cubed word, as long as it is good cheese! Sided up with spicy, tangy slaw to cut some of the rich goat-cheesiness.
    Hello happy food baby! 

    And hello Ben Does Life, I love my shirt! 

    I'll work out my pretend postpartum tomorrow, because "child!" those potatoes are so worth posting an unflattering picture online. (In actuality, even though this is a very rich meal with the cheese and bacon, my food baby is totally faked, because the spinach really lightens things up)

    Love to all,
    ~the "I'll give birth to a potato baby anyday" gal, Jess

    DISCLAIMERish thing:  I truly am happy being a single girl and love all my married/soon to be married/expecting/toddler bearing friends. I'll have all those things one day, but I have standards that just haven't been met yet. Also, I don't have that big of a gut....even after eating obscene volumes of potatoes, cheese and bacon. hehe.


    Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

    hahahahahahahahah I love you Jess! and those potatos look divine!!!! where is your super cute loft at??

    AL said... Best Blogger Tips

    lol love it! aaaand who's babies???

    Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

    OMGeeeeee.......goat cheese in potatoes? Why haven't i thought of this!!!!

    Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

    Oh, holy yum!

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