Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project Tasteless: I'm not complaining about a night with many O's but, sweetheart I need a break... and an Omelet

How was your night, my lovelies? Mighty successful after that lovemaking inspired soup I'll bet. Maybe even mind blowing? tehehe. Well, before you send sexy neighborhood boy out his not-so-shameful trek back to the land of football and leftover turkey sandwiches, you both probably need some sustenance. You know, to ease that fabulous bangover you so rightly earned. 

Enter Project Tasteless 6: Easy Like Sunday Morning Bangover 911 Challenge

The best news about this bangover recovery plan is while you will need to peel yourself out of the tangled mess of sheets you and lover boy have created over the last 12, 14, oh what a wonderfully naughty girl you are, 16 hours, you won't have to hit up the grocery store. Oh no, my Night of Many O's Omelet can be whipped up with a few kitchen staples and last night's leftovers. 

So, drape said sheet over your satiated  (sore, whatever....same difference) limbs and get thee to the kitchen:

You will need:

2 eggs
onion, chopped
green pepper, chopped
mushrooms chopped
deli ham, chopped
Gruyere cheese
salt, pepper and hot sauce to taste

french bread, for toast

You can adjust the portions on the filling items (onion, green peppers, mushrooms, ham) based on how hungry you and your "friend" are. And please don't skimp on the ham....the boy is likely in need after all, a night of nibbling on your flesh satisfies everyone but his stomach, unfortunately. But we can remedy carry on.

Lazily toss your chopped items (for the omelet filling) into a hot pan and saute until the veggies are tender and the ham is lightly browned.

Whip the eggs with a splash of milk and the seasonings. Trade out the filling mixture in the skillet for the eggs. Once the egg mixture is set, add the cheese and then top with the filling.

Carefully flip the omelet to seal the deal.

Serve with toast and a side of ketchup. The melded flavors of the veggies and cheese will bring back pleasant memories of your successfully seductive meal of the previous evening, while the eggs and ham will put a little spring in your Sunday step...even if you haven't wandered too far from bed just yet.

Oh, why one plate you ask? Because what better place to enjoy your bangover breakfast than with your sweetie at the scene of the crime? And why not, if you are feeling a little, ahem, energized after the o-o-o-omelet you only have one plate to set aside.

Love to all,
~the "I love having multiple reasons to be lazy on a Sunday Morning" gal, Jess


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