Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shout out to my 211 Ladies

I don't know what I would do without these amazing women in my life.

 March 2010- Young, Fun, Fabulous Teachers out for Spring Break!

We only got to spend a whirlwind weekend together in SoFLA celebrating Ashley's Mum's 60th Birthday party (big recap to come!) and it makes me so happy to know that even when we will be turning 60 we will still be besties for life, no matter where life takes us.

Thanks to some grounding conversations with Ash today (you have no idea how our simple chat really brought me clarity!) I've got a decent grip on what the next 2 year of my life will look like. Of course I know that those plans will probably get dumped upside down at some point in the next 730 days give or take a month, but I'm ok with that too.
Here's the gist.

I will live up being young, fun, and single by:
  • working hard and playing even harder
  • traveling....seriously. 
  • Saving money while I can, but focusing on life can't get more of those, money can always be come by.
  •  Not letting living in the boonies be a crutch. I can and will run a half marathon in February (short term goal, obvs....but this had been weighing on me too.) 

    Wow- I feel better.

    Happy Sunday!

    Love to all,
    ~the, "I know goals are flexible, but I need them anyways" gal, Jess


Allie said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a great perspective to embrace! I completely agree about money -- there is always some way to make ends meat. Accept your situations & Be Happy. Make the most of life! I think you've nailed it.

Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I completely subscribe to all four of your platform bullets!! Couldn't possibly agree more. xx

AL said... Best Blogger Tips

I love you! I love our convos! I miss you. I will talk to you soon. <3

thatswhatsummersaid said... Best Blogger Tips

love your outfit!

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