Thursday, August 5, 2010

Backlot Tour

Good music, movies and books don't just come about, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes down before debuts of a chart-topper or bestseller hits the shelves. I would never, ever claim to be the driving force behind any worthy of acclaim blog chatter, regardless I still have been putting in more behind the scenes work recently, so while I may be posting a little less frequently as of late, I'm hoping that my down and dirty work will lead to a better blog for us all.

Without further ado here is an update on my most recent project

I've been writing this particular blog since May of 2009 and in that time I had applied 102 labels, give or take a few, which didn't make for very useful navigation or I've done my best to narrow it down a little:

Food and Drink:

Break Yo Fast = Breakfast items
Midday Munchies = Lunch
Waz Sup(er) = Dinner
Snackage = Duh!
So What if I Slept a Little Late = Brunch
Sinfully Sweet = Desserts
I Heart Beer = Duh again!
I'll Have What She's Having = Dining out/Restaurant Reviews


Get It Girl = Workout Recaps/Reflection/Etc.


Abarnment Series
Stubbies' 100 Beers in a Year Challenge

Other Themes:

 Recent Reads = Book Reviews
Listen Up = Thoughts about Music
Hey Teacher (Wo)Man = Teaching Stuff
Celebrate Good Times-Come On = Holidays
Take Me Away = Travel/Vacation
Special Interest = Thoughtful Things/Everything Else

As I mentioned, this bloggie-poo of mine is a work in progress so I have a few more categorizes in the works and some more narrowing down to do, but I hope this helps all you wonderful readers/causal passerbyer's/or those of you that just got lost to find out more about my exploration of "normal" in this wonderfully crazy world.

Love to all,
~your loving tour guide, Jess

PS. Please don't forget to tell me about your favorite "good" songs to use with my lovely students this year!


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