Monday, August 30, 2010

The DC Food Tour: Eggs First, Please

So, you've seen the groceries, and the froyo....but let's get on to some real food, ok? Becca and I met up with her sister, Kaycee to explore another part of the city centered around U Street.... and after an incredibly fun night of wine, cheese and techno/old school bar dancing we were in need of some brunch.

Ulah did not disappoint.

Best Benedict Ever! This was the Chesapeake Benedict, so instead of Canadian Bacon, that is fresh lump crabmeat you are seeing. Orgasmic, really. The potatoes were very tasty, too. I would eat this every morning if given the chance!

Kaycee's Mediterranean Egg White Omelet looked great too.

Becca ordered a salad, which I usually wouldn't crave for brunch, but when this beautiful chicken salad arrived at the table I was drooling a little bit. Something to try next time, perhaps?

 Located across the street from our brunch choice is the DC staple (and apparently a national icon of all  chili dog hook-ups, I had to brush up on my history and if you want to too, click the link!) Ben's Chill Bowl. Ben's was a cornerstone during the Civil Rights Movement and is still a cultural phenomenon that I hope to experience first hand in a future trip to DC. So many restaurants, so little time! Other claims to fame for Ben's: Ben Cosby gets his meals free there and apparently so does President Obama. Pretty sweet place to hang out I think!

Speaking of our prez, he so kindly snapped a picture with me. What a great guy!

Stay tuned for a DC Restaurant Week dinner and other thoughts about my trip to the nation's capital!

Love to all,
~the "maybe I could combine all my loves together and be a lobbyist for healthy foods in our schools?" gal, Jess


Small Town Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I also think you should share a display of your chic purchases from the crazy cat lady!

AL said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey pretty lady...I'm just catching up on all your bloggings. All this food looks deliciously wonderful, I'm so hungry!!! And I love your pic with Obama, you look so good! I'm hope you're having fun in the abarnment, that sandwich looked yummy. Any ideas for dates for visiting yet?

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