Sunday, August 1, 2010

Music Sets the Tone

Music is so important in our daily lives. Raise your hand if you go a day without a single tune in your day? Anyone? I thought not. We blast that stereo in the shower, the car, the kitchen, at the gym (seriously how important is music when you are working out? Right?!).  I always have some music on in the background when I'm home and until I started working as a teacher, I had my ipod or the radio on at work, too. I call it my "subconscious soundtrack of life" (yes, I get all emo on occasion-please don't delete me from your Reader!)

But wait, why can't teachers have music? Better yet, why can't the students have music? No longer will that be the case in my classroom-where music was a special treat, for "chilling after an exam" or the like.

Nope, I'm starting each and everyday with a song to play as my students get settled and started on their bellwork.

A good song.

All We Need is Love- The Beatles
One Tribe-BEPs
Respect- Aretha Franklin
One Love- Bob Marley and the Wailers
We are One-The Matches

So, here is where I ask for a favor. I need 180 "good" songs. A good song is anything positive and/or neutral in message. An example of a "neutral" song would be Bicycle by Queen. Modern and popular is good though. I'm really pumped about using Billionaire by Travis McCoy.

Help me out my friends: What songs do you recommend I start my "kids" days off with?

Thanks so much!

Love to all,
~the young, fun, teacher who realizes music is important in the classroom, Jess


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