Saturday, May 23, 2009

Give me a W, Give me an E

Give me an E-K-E-N-D, what's that spell? WEEKEND! yay.

I treked home to Bell last night (to the surprising disappointment of some of my St. Pete pals, sorry guys) for a long weekend with my parents. I've been spending more time with them in the past few months. I can't really tell you specifically why, it just feels right for some reason. And in my book if it feels right, than it likely is. Plus the pup-er-roo gets to roam our 60+ acres and I know that makes him happy too. Gotta take care of the 4 legged boy!

I got in a two mile walk/run (soon I'm going to be able to switch those "run/walk") on my parent's driveway this morning. It was a taste of "trail running." Felt pretty good. Shins are still bothering me, which I was suprised by considering I was running on packed sand (thanks to all the rain FLA has gotten this week) and it would be a better surface than sidewalks but I guess it is just the name of the game for me. I'm going to start tying to run laps in my complex or something to get more asphalt time in until the ground drys out in St. Pete some more and I can run on it, which is currently a swamp.

Now I'm off to help Mom do some gardening. We are rebedding all her day lilies and hopefully the sun-which is out right now, yay!- will hang on so I can get in sometime with this beauty:

Yes, of course once I officaly move out my parents put in a pool! I acutally spend my last Sunday at home (back in August of last year) helping my Dad dismantle this beast of an above ground pool from a nice lady's house in Gville- he had bought it off her on Craig's list. Naturally. I thought he was bonkers. And of course, as all his crazy ideas typically do, it turned out great. One hand dug pit, a new liner and some pump parts later my parents have a lovey little in ground pool for less than two grand. Frankly I'm jealous. haha. I helped do some land scaping with them last time I was home (after I took this picture) so it looks even better now. Now you see why I wanted to go home this weekend? Nice pool, free food, good company. What better mini vacation can a girl ask for?

Also, I'm finally starting Marley and Me, which my Orlando Bestie loaned me months ago. I read a few chapters last night before turning out the light and I was giggling aloud already. I love a good laugh over a book and was in need of something a bit more light hearted, as I am still in mouring overing finishing the wonder that is With.

Love to all,
~A relaxed, and happy for the holiday weekend, Jess


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