Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's raining men....

Ok, it's not raining men, but it's raining. STILL. And don't get me wrong, I love the rain (especially when I'm in the studio...so peaceful. Best "music" to practice yoga by, eva), we need the rain, but I do wish it could stop monsooning long enough for me to walk my dog. But no, so we just got soaked, again. Well, I didn't get soaked thanks to my handy dandy purple umbrella (ella, ella) but he did and then he shook. Allover! Now my house seems like wet dog. But atleast it's sweet wet dog! and I have the sinking feeling my morning run will be rained out again too. Boo.

Here is my darling dog, drying out. Yes, he likes to lay next to his bed. But he lays on it enough too. Gotta keep things blanced out! hah.

In other news, my brilliant archiving idea isn't fool proof yet. I deiced I want to make a separate page for all those archives or something. I'll figure it out...maybe with some help? HELP!? (I'm quite technical, but not that web-savvy. Le sigh)

NEWSFLASH: My girl Shawn Johnson (and Mark!) just won DWTS! yayayayay.

Now, a foodieflash: I tried to revamp my so-so buffalo tofu as a wrap for lunch today.

The first half was tasty. I layered the tofu with jalapenos, Swiss cheese, sprouts, sliced plum tomato, green leaf lettuce and of course ranch. I had wrapped it in foil for transport and then for lunch just threw the whole thing in the toaster oven to get all warm and melt-y.
That second half though, phew. It was spicy. Those pickled japs really kicked in and my poor tastebuds were crying uncle!
I haven't given up on tofu, because I know I like it. I just need to find a way to cook it at home. I think I will check out that recipe from Gliding Calm's site that everyone has been raving about.

Time for me to hit the hay. More blurbs to come and watch out for those archive links!

Love to all,
~A sleepy, soggy Jess


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