Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I swear I'm not a Spaz....

...I just play one in real life. Oh crap, I guess that means I am a spaz. For example, after shopping at Publix today I proceeded to walk my full cart of grocery steals to my lovely white civic...only I realized that it wasn't mine after all....it was far too clean, the windows weren't tinted (yet) and it was on the wrong side of the parking lot! sheesh, Jessica Ann!

Anyways I'm going to try to crank this out really quick, because I'm getting blogged down (haha, get it...like, bogged down? oh nevermind) and need to quick post before my next one is a real monster.
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and eased back into the workweek as painlessly as possible. My remaining weekend was restful but alas I relapsed with this respiratory crapola AGAIN. I do not get sick....usually. My body is betraying me, but I finally surrendered to the fact that this must be something more than a little virus and got some antibios today. Hate taking them, but if they work this time I guess it will be worth it. Ok, back to the weekend...I didn't take any food pictures, not because I wasn't eating...oh, no when this girl is sick she still eats, but trust me it wasn't really picture worthy.
Subs on Saturday at Hogan's Hero's- they are seriously yum though...even if I didn't snap some photographic evidence, every sub should come with a scooner of Blue Moon (which my mum and I shared) Subway has just been missing the beer tab (or tap!) all this time.
Everything else was typical holiday weekend at home food. Mom made grits and eggs for me on Monday and then we just grilled out giant dogs. Good but not blog-worthy...although I guess I just blogged about it, right?
Mom did send me home with these beauties and not a moment too soon. I had just finished off my egg supply on Friday, before I headed north. One of the parents at her school has quite the flock of free range chickens and thanks to her my family (me included!) haven't had to buy eggs since February. Yum.

On to the pictures I did take today:So, yep that was my dinner tonight. One of my fave comfort foods, baked potato topped with brock (ok, and ranch and honey mustard...yes, I have a condiment problem. But at least they were both the "lite" variety). I also grabbed a can of Annie's Aurthur O's at the store. I guess they are an organic version of Speggitti-o's? I'm actually not a fan of the aforementioned Chef Boyardi product, but I have been hearing good things about Annie Products in the blogworld and I love Aurthur (see him in the spoon?)! Yes, I am 23 and I watch children's PBS. Clifford the Big Red Dog and Aurthur are my personal faves. Oh and if you are on portion control police...and with me you should be, no worries I only ate 1/2 of the above food.

Time to drag my wheezy ass to bed and dream about the running I can't do this week.
Love to all,
~A well dosed with antibodics Jess


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