Sunday, May 31, 2009

Full, Fun Weekend!

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was great, and now I am basking in that "end of the weekend glow," watching a little of the MTV Movie Awards and catching up on some blog reading. I was blown away once again by the inspiration Meghann provides for all of us beginning runners. She ran her first marathon (!) this weekend and wrote a wonderful recap of the journey it's taken her to get to this point.

My post won't be nearly that fitness oritented tonight. Infact I've been quite the excerise bum this weekend, but a little rest and relaxation is always welcome in my book! :D

My great buddy camp buddy, as I had mentioned earlier this week, and his wonderful gf came down from P-cola this weekend with their puppy, Scrubs.

Seriously, how cute is that face?

Cute or not, this duo of doggie energy had us all up before 7:30am! on Saturday morning, so we put our efforts into making these sweet signs for the Twins Vs. Ray's game that afternoon.
Chubs and Scrubs-the doggie duoApparently in Minnesota there is an announcer who will circle Twin's fans in the crowd. I'm not sure if it worked for us...well, and I may have messed it up, since I was in Ray's gear of course. :D But making the signs was great fun and I think they turned out pretty slammin'.
It was a fun game, espeically since the Rays, ahem, were victorious! Sorry boys. ;)

Now on to the eats. I have to admit, I wasn't a heath nut on Saturday. More of a beer nut. No photographic eveidence. sorry kids. I redemied myself today though, with a yummy cheese omlet and a delicious fugi apple with some pb for some protein power after the carb fest yestday.

I guess I was craving even more protein tonight, so my dinner centered around a chicken breast, which I turned into a slightly healthier, stovetop rendition of my Mom's Flanagan's Chicken which is a cheesy chicken, crout and 1000 dressing casserole that she usually serves over rice. I made mine by searing the chicken and then adding about 2tbs of Kraft Free 1000 Dressing, some crout and a slice of swizz cheese and letting that all melt together. Served on top of a bed of mixed greens with a side of sliced tomato really hit the spot. I highly recommend this as a quick- this took me about 10mins to pull together-pick me up from the standard chicken dinner.

Hope everyone is enjoying the remainder the weekend! Have a great start to your weeks.
Love all,
~a not really wanting to start the work week Jess


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