Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June!

Hi all,
I for one can't believe that it's June 1st already! Seriously, that means that 1/2 of 2009 is nearly over....what a blur! But that is my life, a big wonderful random blur!

A few quick thoughts before I wrap up some things at work and then hit up yoga and running at the park with YogaGF.

As I mentioned last night I was watching the MTV Movie Awards while putzing around the house. It was a fun show, as is to be expected with Andy Samberg as host and it IS MTV but something was lacking. I enjoyed the spoof award on Ben Stiller, because I do love his humor and anytime a celeb-or really anyone for that matter-can poke fun at themselves but as the show went on I still had this nagging thought that something was just, off. Then I realized what it was. Twilight was cleaning everyone's clocks! What?! Now, before I offend all the Twilight fans let me say that I have read all four books, and seen the movie (more than once actually) and while I admit they are entertaining and I personally LOVE the soundtrack and have been listening to it on loop quite a bit recently I don't think the acting nor anything else about the film-aside from the music, perhaps- was award worthy! I understand that a lot of these awards are chosen by the viewers, but in that case shouldn't we be calling them "Most Popular Movie of the Year" not "Best Movie of the Year?"
Call me crazy but as cute as Rob Pattinson maybe neither his and certainly not Kristen Stewart's acting ability can surpass that of the deceased Heath Ledger. Nor can Twilight as a whole really be considered a "better" movie than Slumdog Millionaire, in concept nor final cut. I guess these are all opinions and we of course are all entiled to them, but I think we should give credit where it is due and not just because bunch of 11-13 girls can text in their favorite movie. Thank goodness for the semi sanity of the Academy Awards. I guess it's all just part of what seems like the general decline of MTV...than and perhaps I'm becoming an old lady. Whichever- I'm stepping off my soapbox now.

A few new eat habits I've noted about myself:
A lunch I discovered that as much as I love carrot chips with babaganoosh, hummus is not the right subside in that combo. Pity, as I am out of both premade baba and the ingredients to make homemade AND it's my No Grocery Shopping Week! I'll have to make do with something else this week. Ranch perhaps? Suggestions are welcome. Well that and stick to my pita chips, toast, crackers, cukes, hummus combo.
Also, I am very saddened to say this but I think that Yoplait Yogurt and I are having a long, slow breakup. :( I have been eating this stuff since I could hold my own spoon, but the more and more I explore organic and naturally sweetened yogurts I'm finding good ol Yoplait is far tooooo sugary tasting. I read the label at lunch today it it not only has normal sugar in it, but as modified corn syrup. Really? Did ja need both? Now, I'm still obsessed with their Whips variety and will likely keep eating those, but since the custard variety is becoming a rare find I think you will be seeing (or in this case reading) about a lack of Yop in my lunches as I expand into other options. Sadly many of those are much more expense than my trusty YY, but what can a body do other than find more ways to cut back in other areas...that and find a better paying job, ASAP.

Speaking of the current job better get back to it.
Love to all,
~A ready to get moving Jess

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biz319 said... Best Blogger Tips

I am with you on I can't believe its June 1 already!

Ever since I started eating Fage greek yogurt, I can't go back to the sugary stuff.

Happy Monday!

The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel the same way everytime I turn on MTV. I'm not sure if the shows became more shallow (i.e. stupid) or if I became more mature (i.e. old) but both possibilities frighten me.

I had the same experience with Swiss Mix Hot Chocolate. I used to drink at least one a day from the time I was fifteen until I was twenty two. Now all I can taste is salt. I haven't touched the stuff in three years.

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