Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sound of Music to the Resuce?

Well, the dog didn't bite and the bee didn't sting, but I was feeling pretty sad today....but luckily I knew I had a few of my favorite things waiting once I could just be free of work (which wasn't until 7pm tonight....where are you my darling, Friday?). And it really is true, as awful as my job can be and is really been showing it's colors as of late, I do LOVE my life. As soon as I get in my car, roll the windows down and then blast my music home, the wind blowing in my hair (that sounds cheesy, but it really makes me feel good) I just leave it behind. So without any more delay, here are a few of my favorite things, right now:
Receiving my first issue of AP!
A great sweaty workout (thank you Jillian)
The first night of competition on SYTYCD
A couch to relax's SO amazing
2 nights of delicious, but diverse meals, made with 90% the same ingredients.

What was that? You want to to see these fabulous dinner? Oh, well....since you asked.
Tuesday night:
I was able to get some great fresh produce shopping this weekend so my fruit and veggie baskets are overflowing right now. Anyone who knows me would see this bowl of beautiful tomatoes, avocado and onion and knows that a batch of my famous gauc is on it's way....This wonderful mess is 1 Hass avocado, 1/2 chopped tomato, two finely chopped/grated garlic cloves, 1/4 of a chopped sweet onion and a handful of chopped cilantro, sea salt and black pepper. I think the key is to mix it mushing up my avocado, please! [for a kick I sometimes add a fresh chopped jalapeno and some lime juice, but I was out of both last night]. Alas, you can't make a meal of gauc alone...I mean, I could and I have before, but that's not really a balanced meal eh?
Oh, but this looks like one, right? A fish soft taco (using the other 1/2 of my blacked fish from Monday night) with green pepper, onion and a sprinkle of mexican cheese and of course a side of my other favorite food: black beans! So, simple but tasty...infuse a tiny bit of EVOO with a ton of grated garlic cloves, then add a drained can of beans, heat and mush them up a bit then add a huge handful of chopped cilantro at the end...are you seeing a theme in my favor combos yet? :D Oh and a dollop of 2% sour cream-hands down (and this is coming from a devoted sour cream eater for years!)
The guts of my taco. I like to spoon the sides on it as I's messy but wonderful. Apparently I am a very entertaining eater, as I often keep my friends fascinated with how much I play with my food, much to my Mum's dismay!

Now to dinner numero dos. Use up the left over guac and black beans....I give you:BlackBean-Turkey burger topped with guac (and some goat cheese up under there too!) and a side of sweet potato "steak fries." I also had a side of "salad" which was really just a bowl of alfalfa sprouts with a drizzle of light ranch...oh and a tiny glass of Vanilla Almond Breeze...I'm not giving up my moo-cow milk, but this stuff is aMAZing!

So, see how a bit of creativity (and some ground turkey!) goes a long way...literally. I can have this meal again, since I used 1/2 lb turkey and a whole SP. I can't cook for one, no matter what I do! oh well, lucky for me (and dogface) that I like leftovers...and if I get sick them-then doggie darling gets them!

One more thought before bed, since I'm going to get up in the morning to's been too hot to go right after work this week. Since I was working in the hood and on the flow pretty much all day I was listening to my ipod nonstop too. And admittedly I'm getting tired of some of the stuff on there, but it never fails to amaze me when I finally pick up a lyric of a favorite song. For example: Fall of Troy's song Quarter Past has always been my favorite on their Manipulator album (2007) but today for some reason this line jumped out at me:

Keep it together for another day
Come to my window, I'll scream you to sleep

I just loved the image of a modern day Romeo serenading his rocker chick. And you wonder why I love my hardcore music. ;)

On that lovely thought, good night to all.
Love to all,
~A dreamy Jess

PS. I'm not retarded, I just can't get the italics to turn, maybe I am a re-re? le sigh.


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