Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's like living in a Hairdryer!

Hi all-Greetings from the sweltering West Coast of FLA!

I saw a hilarious play at the Hippadrome in Gainesville this weekend called the Great American Trailer Park Musical and they used the phrase that living in Florida was like living in a hairdryer and kids, I couldn't agree more (also-if you are in Gville anytime in the next three weeks go check out that play-it was a hoot!) But in spite of the heat I got up this morning to go for a run-it is just too blazing when I get home from work in the evenings so this is really the only way I can get a run in-since I've determined once and for all that the treadie and I don't get along! But damn was it miserable. I didn't get the exact time, but I think I did my 1.8miles in 25mins give or take a few so my time was faster but it didn't feel like it at all. All I could think was "I hate this-I hate this-I hate this" I was drowning in my own personal sweat sauna, the dog leash was sticking to my legs, I couldn't catch my breath in the 100000% humidity. But, never the less I'll be out there again tomorrow morning, because I'm the fool who decided to train for a 5K in the middle of summer! haha. I sure hope that my morning runs will feel nice come fall, because unlike Annabel who said that part of being in the "runners cult" is being a masochist I can't quite agree. Yes, I'm pushing myself through the uncomfortable part of being a beginning runner, because I'm trying to make a lifelong change in my health, but I sure don't like the hurting part-and yes, feeling like I can't catch my breath is painful to me. Hence my mantra this morning of "I hate this"....but some days I feel strong when I run, so I'll try to focus on that instead!

Ok, enough running talk...here are some recent eats- One from Last weekend and one from This weekend:Creamy, delish and nearly "guilt free"-I took my Mom (that's her hand in the background) to my favorite gelato place on Beach Drive, last Monday for a break and cool down between apartment visits. My bowl contained Lemon Custard, Almond and Grapefruit! So refreshing!This beauty was my first encounter with tempeh. Mom and I picked up one of my best friends from undergrad who is now going to Vet School at UF for lunch on Monday, before my heart check up at Shands. She hadn't been to the Pizza Palace so we had to break her in right! The Pizza Palace had been a fixture in Gainesville for nearly 20 years (my mom knows the original owner!) when it closed about 5 years ago-but last fall it reopened under new management and while they kept the original name and still serve us some great pizza, they make all their own breads, sauces, oh and tempeh! So, I knew what I had to try this time around. OMG-so good...I'm a fan for sure, even if Mom and my animal luver weren't' quite so sure about it. Oh and that bread was sooooo amazing. Again, if you are in or near UF go check out Pizza Palace and then go see the show at the Hipp!

I also spread some random acts of kindness during my long weekend in Gville, gladly joining the Operation Beautiful movement:
I posted this one in the "primping mirror" in the bathroom at St. Augustine's Catholic Church and Student Union before the Saturday 5:30pm mass.And this one went up in the downstairs ladies bathroom at The Swamp Restaurant-where my parents and I had stopped to grab a few drinks before our night out on the town! It felt so good to know that my notes might make some else's day. I can't wait to put more up!

Now I'm off to bed, so I can get up and go for another steamy run in the AM.
Love to all,
~a tired but content Jess

PS. Stay tuned for my review on Pilate's Wife by Antoinette May later on this week!


Mrs. LC said... Best Blogger Tips

ahaha "living in a hairdryer" is so true! :) I've lived in FL for over a decade but have never been to Gainesville - what did you think of it?? I know it's a huge college (hello UF!) town, but I was just curious to your thoughts on the city. Thanks girl!

Jenna Sounds Off said... Best Blogger Tips

I want to see that play sooooo badly. BTW, I have a blog now. I gave in. Mostly because I need a writing outlet.

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