Sunday, June 7, 2009

Working at the CarWash...oheoheOH!

Hi loves,
Hope everyone has been having a great weekend thus far. Mine would seem boring to most, but I've gotten a lot of things done this weekend already:
Wash Car [check]
Wash dog [check]
Wash Clothes [check]
Wash Hair [check]
To explain that last one: I'm a compulsive shower-er. I often times take two (and a few times-three) showers a day. I guess I'm like my college friend Austin, who recently discussed this in his blog, that while I don't mind being flat out filthy-which often happens when I'm at the barn or working on the cars with Dad- but I don't like being slightly dirty. I'm a compulsive hand washer too, but not a germ-a-phob interestingly enough. But I digress about the dirty hair...while I have showered this week (haha) I hadn't washed my hair in a few days, because it's much easier to get dirty hair up...and trust me it's been so bloody humid here that wearing my hair on my neck and my charming bangs on my forehead ain't gonna be pretty!

Other things accomplished not related to water: throwing out the rest of my nasty over a year old nutrasystem food (it's a long story, but don't let other people's success influence how you should fuel yourself for healthy eating) and organize the cart that is my pantry...that project has been on my list for MONTHS and it only took about 5 mins but felts sooooo good to get it off the to do board! Also, I got my couch today! Whoot. A friend of mine is moving into a smaller space so she needed to get rid of the larger sofa of her living room set. It just happens to go with my color scheme (which has all be wonderfully karmatic!) and was a really great price too. Yeah, it's not my dream couch and it's had some wear, but I'm psyched. Once I get my living room rearranged the way I like it, I will post pictures!

And now, the review of Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell that I've been teasing about. This book is a straight up harlaious tale of a midwest girl who becomes one of the Hollywood Starlets in about 3seconds. I was cracking up from about page two, and while the surface of this book seems to be just "beach read" the more I thought about the body image issues that stem from the "starlet images" fed to our society by the Hollywood scene it got me thinking. This book does address that body image issues, but the lead character gives into them (for a while-I don't want to do any spoilers, so please read the book to get the full message) and even has a stylist offer her a bag of coke to stay slim- luckily she turns down that offer! The book also jokes about airbrushing of photoshoots for magazines, etc. While I was drooling over the salary and swag bags I am relieved to live in "my world" filled with supportive people, like my family and friends, and the blog world who have the right positive images of what makes a sexy, healthy woman. I think if more people realized how not only Hollywood influences us, but in return we hold this stigma on how all the stars should be crazy slim and then the rags call them "fat slobs" when a candid picture is taken at the beach-it's a crazy catch 22 that has been created. I'm just glad to not be caught up in the skinny rat race. I know that was a little rambly at the end, but please read the book-for fun and for a good perspective on the craziness of being the "it" girl in H-wood!

In food news, well I dont' have any exciting to share other than this:
I present to you....JustJess' first nut butter! Dark Chocolate Cashew. Thanks to the fact that my grandparents have spoiled me with a few top of the line kitchen items, including my blender I decided to make a batch of nut butter and choose cashew because they are softer than almonds and just wanted to make sure that my Breville could really handle it. It wasn't as easy as the grinders that I got my Cashew Butter from at the Decatur Farmers Market that spoiled me so, when I lived in the ATL but it worked....1lb dry roasted cashews (would have been better with fresh I'm sure, but I couldn't find them) and about 1.5oz dark chocolate. I added a teaspoon or so of veggie oil, but didn't want to weight it down with oil, so then subbed the rest of the oil with just worked! Yum. Thick and creamy, with an amazing mouth feel. Can't wait to mix it in oatmeal or just have as a snack on some pretzels.

Now my dears I have just enough time to get ready for mass!
Enjoy your Sunday!
Love to all,
A busy bee Jess


The Hollywood Memoirs said... Best Blogger Tips

1) Congrats on such a productive weekend! I know how good that must have felt. 2) I'm going to put that book on my reading list. I always like your suggestions AND it has my name on it. Tee hee. 3) I'm going to try to make some of that nutter butter. It looks amazing! I bet you-know-who would love it! Hopefully, my blender can handle it.

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