Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Jess Night In

Hi all,
It's a stormy kind of Thursday night here on Tampa Bay. I realized my normal, Plan A-a quick run/walk and then Hatha with Denise-, for Thursday night wasn't going to happen when I left work late (again....sigh) and headed out to my car under a darkening sky. I manged to get the pup out for a quick potty walk before the skies opened :(
At least my porch looks really pretty when it's wet out. I know these look like it's light out, but it's just my poor photography skills...there was a sheet of water coming down the front of the balcony. At least I enjoy the rain and on the positive note my shins enjoyed the day off! Another strange twist to my normal Thursday evening was the lion living in my tummy. I was genuinely starving when I left work, so I knew I needed a real dinner-not just my normal larabar and chug some water. So, on that note, knowing that I couldn't cook-eat-digest and get to yoga in less than an hour- I opted for plan B! A light dinner of Cambell's Select Harvest Tomato with Basil soup (topped with a drizzle of buffalo sauce...don't nock it, kids and of course Fage!), a side salad and the crumbled end of a bag of Stacey's Pita Chips. While all of the above was super delish, it wasn't super photogenic. But seriously, try to buffalo sauce in tomato soup. Yum! After I digested and watched a little Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel (I HAVE to go to Portland to hit up Voodoo Donut-find that episode and watch it if you don't know what I'm taking about) I had a date with a funny, sexy, strong man. None other than Dave Farmar, of course!

[NEWSFLASH: I really want to go dune buggy riding on the beach! I'm watching Bridget's Sexiest Beaches.....what a fun job!]

Ok, back to my hot date. Well that is a man who knows how to leave a woman feeling weak in the knees-well thighs- and all hot and.....sweaty? Yum. Thank goodness I just did a 60mins session. I will admit that I'm not so great with all these audio-postcasty things yet. I got lost a few times but just made up my own flow until I could rejoin what he was directing. I highly recommend one of his podcasts to any fellow yogis out there!

Once I was a sweaty pile of rubbery limbs I flopped out with dogface to watch the top 20 dancers get picked for SYTYCD! So psyched that a classical ballerina got on this year! Whoot. Now I just have to get a DVR stat, because they don't show reruns on the 'net and I typically miss Thursday because of yoga and have started doing girl's nights with YogaGF who unfortunately isn't a dance affectionato like myself. I'm seriously calling BrightHouse tomorrow...I'm that addicted to this show I will pay (well, if it's not too expensive) for a damn DVR.

Speaking of girl's nights YogaGF and I had a night in a her sweet pad last night for dinner (grilled chicken and veggies) and a movie (He's Just Not That Into You). Dinner was great-thanks for cooking girlie!- and the movie was lots of fun. It was a bit more chick-flicky than I expected, but with such an all star cast I think anyone would enjoy it. And I totally have some new quote I want to bust out! yay!

So, my dinner might not have been super photogenic but my breakfast was for a change. Check this beauty out:A fried egg topped with american cheese sandwiched between 2 whole grain Kashi waffles with a smear of low sugar raspberry preserves. Super Yum. And pretty. If I say so myself.

Oh, one last thought! I have a new love: (Ok, the cool logo I was trying to copy in is apparently copyrighted, so drumroll please....) Celestial Seasonings Herbal Teas! I'm a hard core black tea drinker. (unless I'm getting Thai food- seriously best iced green tea on earth!) I drink a lightened, sweetened cup of Twinngs Irish Tea nearly every morning like the good little Irish-Italian girl I am. (no worries I love me a good espresso too, but only as a treat on weekends!). But my throat has still been bothering me this week (yes, I am just as annoyed about being sick for over a month as I'm sure you all are tired of reading about it. I'm so perplexed- I NEVER get sick and on the rare occasion I do it usually passes in a day or two-oy!) so I needed something to sip on to relieve it at work. Lo and behold on my Publix run for lunch today CS was on sale 2-4-$6! I got a sampler pack-including the SleepyTime blend I'm currently sipping as we speak-and a whole pack of Honey Vanilla Chamomile which even though I haven't tried the other favors yet, I'm pretty sure is going to be my favorite and I'm so glad I have a whole box of that variety! Do you drink CS? What is your favor and why?

Now it's time for be to drank my bum to the shower and bed!
Love to all,
~A sleepy and satisfied Jess

Oh one more PS! I was inspired by the braids that Scarlet Johnson was sporting in the movie last night and was pleased to discover that my hair is long enough to get up in a messy french again! Yay.
I know this is a funky angle but check out my stubby little braid! And the pin to hold my bangs back...they won't stay braided yet! ahh the challenges of short hair! Brings me back to my summer at camp working in the horse barn-had to get the hair off the neck but under a helmet...course that braid hung down my back those days! Night darlings!


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