Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hold ya horses, Honey!

Hi all,
I'm going to try to make this quick as I am wrapping up my lunch time with a blog break. It's been a busy day already. I splurged on some sushi today from Publix and am enjoying it at my desk so I could catch up on some websurfing-mostly blog reading! Warning, this is going to be a bit of a mega post though, since I have back logged a few days worth of food photos and thoughts. Also, still working on the review of HollyWood Car Wash if I have mentioned it to anyone. Stay tuned for that.

Out the gate first, Monday! I had a mega workout on Monday. Yoga with Denise (of course) followed by some real running time at the park afterwards with YogaGF-who if you haven't realized yet is also my training buddy for the 5k we are running this summer. August 12th, baby! Yoga really kicked by bum, but I'm not quite sure why, since we didn't add any real new challenges. Maybe it was all the beer and laziness from the weekend still having an effect. Did some great, deeper warrior 1 and 3 though, so that was a good accomplishment, even if I was a bit distracted by my rumbling tummy though out class.
So, yeah, about that running at the park. We have been training separately and up til Monday YogaGF and I hadn't run together; we have just been walking at the park since I've has this blasted respiratory crap for over a month now. But I've decided that since it doesn't want to seem to go away, I'll just work through it. Well, let me tell you how this silly little beginning runner made an ass out of herself. We start running and I'm trying my damnedest to stay at the same pace as her, but I keep pulling ahead, so I figure what the hell, she can catch up, right? Oh she caught up alright, about 1/3 of a mile in I'm dying and she just trots right by me and then has to keep calling back, for me to catch up. I did, eventually....after I'd stopped wheezing for a few minutes. Moral of the story is I really need to slow it up until my stamina builds. We did a few more laps running slowly and/walking. Probably got in 1 mile of running total. A three.three mile circuit all together. I wish I could just have some stamina NOW. Cause let me tell you I do NOT like running slowly. Hell, it's hardly even running, I can powerwalk faster than we were going-but I will admit the muscle set is different. I'm a fast and furious kinda gal; I drive fast, walk fast, talk fast, think fast, read fast, type fast...I think you get the point. Probably the only thing I don't do fast is eat. Because I want to take that all in. So for now I'll run slow, but trust me I can't wait to run fast!
Yesterday my legs were telling me about the running we did the night before (but not my knee, yay!) so I transferred my morning session to a late after work on (plus I didn't get to go to Bikram, sniff, because I didn't get out of work til late. say le vie?) so the pupster and I took our usual 2 mile track around the block but at a more leisurely pace. Or as leisurely as these little legs would allow...he was still puffing by the time we finished!
Which leads me to a bit of a rant. I'm sooooo tired of people being afraid of my dog. Yes, he is my security which always me to live alone and to train in the mornings before the sun comes up, but come on, he isn't scary! On more than one occasion I've had people back away from him, etc and he doesn't get it because he is a huge people-person, or people-dog? Whatever. So, yesterday we are strolling around the block and this older lady is coming the opposite direction with a baby carriage. I smile and nod and keep going about my walk. She stops. Chub is busy sniffing a tree so I say something to the effect that "It's ok, you can go past." She doesn't respond and continues to look past me, to the dog I guess, in quiet horror. At this moment Chubby decides that the tree isn't worth is time and come running up to me in his usual spazy way, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, classic silly, happy dog. The lady with the stroller actually gasped and started going in reverse. Seriously? I'm annoyed now, because this isn't the first time this has happened and now I still have to past her, because she wouldn't walk by and is now taking up the whole sidewalk, which is fairly narrow to being with. I bring Chub onto the grass and as we pass I snipped, "He's not going to hurt you." Turns out she doesn't even speak English. Sigh. What could possibly be scary about this face?Minus the Twin's cap of course....this was from over the weekend. Minnesota Hubby was trying to sway my doggie...but he's a Ray's fan, just like his Momma-roomie!

On to the eats quickly, before I have to go do the B-Cell Panel that is so sweetly calling my name.
Last night was a quick clean out of veggies about to go past their prime/pickled food fest:

A "garage salad" which consisted of mixed spring greens, huge green olives, the end of the black bean corn salad (which lasted through three huge meals!) about 1/2 cup of sprouts that were on their last leg and a dollop of Dukes. Yum. (I LOVE Dukes and don't care about the calorie content-sorry kids, not going to talk me out of this one.) Plus 1/2 a "baked" sweet potato (it was microwaved) topped with Japs and some shredded pepperjack and 2 pickled orka. Yum. Guess my body was craving salt or something? Why else would I have randomly ended up with so many pickled items in one sitting? Oh and I had 2 mini dill pickles at lunch that day too. Go figure! I got the jalapenos and sweet potato idea from Meghann but this batch of pickled japs is sooo spicy it kind of ruined the mildness of the potato. I really prefer fresh jalapenos. I'll stick to just salt and pepper on this one for now on.

I mentioned how long the black bean corn salad lasted and here is another meal I made with it on Friday. These pictures got missed over my weekend post, but better late than never right? I was craving a quesadilla, but all I had was Flatout Wraps and while I've used those in lieu of tortilla before, it wasn't my favorite substitution. So I got a little creative.
It started out as a Mexican pizza. Flat out topped with the salad and some shredded cheese all under the broiler:
I topped it with some 0% Fage, some homemade gauc and more of the spring mix and rolled it up to create: Super Huge Mexican Wrap!
This thing was seriously a beast! I even though I was starving when I made it I only finished about 2/3 of it. Luckily DogFace, aka the FourLeggedFurry Garbage Disposal was there to help me out when I hit the wall! :D

I hope that is enough to keep you lovelies entertained for a bit! Back to work I go. (Actually I've been zooming back and forth between the hood and my computer towards the end you didn't even notice, huh? haha).
Once I'm free at 5:30 (or at least I hope I am done on time today!) I have a light run, at a slooooow pace, planned then a girls night in with YogaGF! Yay for healthy dinner and movie rentals.
Love to all,
~A multitasking Jess


Brooke said... Best Blogger Tips

Dude, I love that phatty Mexican wrap. Corn and blackbean salsa happens to be a favorite and all throw in a FlatOut? Hells to da yeeees!

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