Friday, June 5, 2009

Countdown 3-2-1st......

....First Friday that is! Yeah baby. And let me tell you, kids this evening could not have come at a better time. I seriously need to work out getting a 4-10 work week because I can't keep having Friday's like this one, but let's not get into nasty work talk.

Once I was free of my paying prison I sluggishly drove home debating if I would make this my true rest day, as my back and shoulders can tell you all about the workout that darling Dave gave me last night. But I decided that both the doggie and I could use some timeout side since we are both cooped up in respective locations all day and once I laced up my shoes I already knew I had made the right decision. Today was for sure my best run. Yes, my shins are still yelping at me, but I channeled yoga instead and focused on my breath to run through it all. Now mind you I'm still not running more than ~2 minutes at a time, but it felt....good? Yes. I might be a runner after all, yay! While my stats still aren't super impressive compared to all you long legged lovelies but I did my 1.87mile route around the block (according to MapMyRun) in 25 minutues which is about a 13 min mile and includes puppy pee breaks and squirrel chasing time, so not to shabby.

Dinner was ghetto fabulous. I am pretty low on protein in my house and was far too hot for leftover soup so I didn't really know what to whip up until started thinking about the nearly overripe pear in my produce basket. So I give you: Ghetto Waldorf Salad!
This quick salad consists of cut up turkey lunchmeat, pear, raisin/crasin mix, onion dressed with Fage and lemon juice with a dash of pepper, dill and celery salt. Pretty tasty, folks.
With a side of 1/2 mashed sweet potato...dressed simply this time with just sea salt and pepper. Yummmmmmm.

Time to hit the town. Have a great weekend everyone!
Love to all,
~a ready to relax and let loose (a little) Jess


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