Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Quickie!

Hello Loves!
Hope that everyone has had a great week and is about to bask in whatever weekend wonders are headed their way! Yesterday I couldn't believe that it was Thursday already, probably the first time I 've had a week at work fly buy since....August? Oh wait that wasn't when I started my job or anything was it? haha. PS. It totally didn't hurt that I only worked a 4 days this week either! hehe.

I'm about to zip outta here and let puppero out, then I have to come back down to the Yatch Club for a work function....I've got to admit that I'm not super psyched, but it might be fun...cross yo finger? Pleezzze? (thanks!- and I have no idea where this gangsta speak is coming from today-but it's kind of fun? Maybe I've been reading too much of the adventures of two lovely San Fran ladies: Snackface and Homegirl). Plans for the weekend are not quite worked up yet, but I'm cool with that...might be grabbing some drinks with TBW at the Independent tomorrow's good to have friends who enjoy beer as much as myself! I also want to figure out how to get 2 good runs in without dying of heat stroke (I sleep in on the weekends, with it!). Mother Nature told me that I would be having 2 rest days in a row this morning by throwing on hell of a temper tantrum in the Bay Area this morning.

Ok, time to pack it up. Stay tuned for the book review I've been promising, as well as some thoughts on why we (or I) blog. Oh and some good eats (finally!) I went grocery shopping and have some yummy meals in mind...yaya.

Love to all,
~A frustrated I have to socialize with my co-workers...didn't I just see them all week, Jess


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