Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some say tomato.....

...I say Lazy Weekend!

Hi, anti-social Jess here. You know how I was gripping about going to that work function on Friday night and how I got lectured into going? Well, I went....and made my 35 min appearance in which I had a few awkward conversations, turned down a glass of wine (because I really don't want to drink with not only my co workers, but the whole division!) and then ducked out as the "wonderful dinner" was want to know what it was? (keep in mind that this is the same place that we had a cold lunchmeat buffet for our Christmas Luncheon) Dinner was a make your own taco bar! Seriously? That's the best that $40 a head can get at the Yatch Club? Count me out.

I came home and went for a run....because it felt good! Yes, I Jess, Queen social eater, oped out for a free meal to go running in the Florida humidity. It was sweaty and wonderful! I forgot my watch, but I know I was faster this time and ran for longer stretches at a great.

I wasn't a complete homebody this weekend though (even if I did sleep in and read 2 novels on my couch....perfect!). My buddy from college who is finishing up his Master's at USF came over Saturday night and we hit up my favorite bar in St. Pete, The Independent. He likes it because they have German Beer on tap...I love it because they have Long Coast beers and a really great Dry British Cider on draft. Best of both worlds. Yum. I was good though, since I was the driver...just one LC stout and a cider to sip the rest of the night. The night really flew by, since there is so much entertainment downtown....he and I are so rotten about picking apart everyone's outfits as they walk by, plus all the street people come by to try and tell your fortune or sell flowers. Love it. If I end up having a career change that takes me from this part of the state I will miss that. But I won't miss this part of Downtown:Yes, that is a rat (ok, it's more of a mouse, whatev). There were actually 3 of them scurrying around under the tables at the late night quick serve next door: Burrito Boarder! Yuck.

To get our minds on a more pleasant subject, here is my newest Operation Beautiful Story: (I didn't get a pictures, my camera literally died as the shutter closed. Anyways, I left a note on the scale at Publix that said: No matter what I read out, you are always beautiful. As I was packing up my dead camera an older man walked up and said, "oh is it broken?" since he had just seen me "looking" at the note. I replied that it wasn't, but that he should check out the note. I couldn't stop smiling as I walked away.

Ok, here are a few shots of my eats from this weekend:
I had been lusting over Ali's (of Green Dog Wine) Ruby Slippers. Which are her take on a Green Monster, but she subs the banana for cherries. It turns out beautiful.
Mine. Well, not so beautiful...not sure why mine didn't turn out lovely like Ali's. Maybe because I used fresh cherries? (she used frozen). Oh well...I did taste really great. The cherries add a wonderful sweet/tartness. I made this a breakfast/lunch combo since I was eating at 11:30am, so I paired my swamp monster with this loveliness:My favorite way to decimate a baked potato: top it with steamed brock, a light sprinkle of cheese, ranch and honey mustard dressings (both lite). I seriously could eat this everday. Yum. I sided it with 2 of MorningStar's Chikin Strips (I fell in love with these a few year ago at a friends house, and didn't even know they were all veggie until I started buying them myself!).

And I just finished my "dinner" as I write this post:Dark Chocolate Gelatto (Publix carries gelatto now! So exciting!), fresh cherries and sleepytime tea. Yes, that is my dinner and yes I'm eating it at 10:30pm. I had a huge "lunch" of leftover enchiladas from Father's Day last weekend at 4pm and it stuck with me the rest of the evening. This was a great dinner though!

Now it's time for me to wrap up a few things and call it a night and end of a wonderful weekend.
Love to all,
~A rested Jess, who is looking forward to a short week! (Love long holiday weekends!)

PS. I kept getting distracted to write up my little MJ memorial, but long story short I adored him as a first record (yes, darlings:Vinyl!) was Bad! and I have a taped from TV special with him and Oprah and I can quote lines from it. Love the man. Anyways, my Orlando Bestie has her own blog now (she wanted to be cool like me! hehe) and she wrote something better than I could crank out. So please check it out.


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