Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vroooom, Vroooom

Those are the sounds resonating through my parent's house right now, as well all sit anxiously awaiting the end of the Indy 500. We are on 188/200 laps right now. My man Tony Kanaan is out of the race, sadly. There have been quite a few spectacular crashes this race, starting on lap one, which sadly took another one of my favorite cuties, Marco Andretti out before the race had really started. [FUN FACT: I have met his grandfather, Mario Andretti twice. The man is a great hugger! haha] I love how safe the IRL cars are, they are the open wheel variety if any of you are not familiar with motorsports, but it is sad how one brush with the wall can put you out of the race for the rest of the day, since these cars just disintegrate. Oh and for those of you who are opposed to motorsports because of the gas usage (something that does bother me a bit too) these cars run off of ethanol.

It's been a fairly quiet weekend thus far otherwise. Mass last night was wonderful. We had Father Tony, who is by far the most inspiriting, spiritual man I've ever encountered in my life. St. Augustine's of Gainesville is very lucky to have 4 of the best priests in the region, thanks to being the Catholic Student Center for UF, but Father Tony takes the cake. He is from Nigeria and has this voice that just makes you melt. Yes, I think my priest has a sexy voice-deal with it! haha. Actually, he is an incredibly talented singer and during his homilies he will say "let us pray" and then sing part of a song that ties in to the readings plus whatever message he has chosen to focus on for that sermon. It's hard to put into words how moving this man is, but if you ever are in the Gainesville area try to catch one of his masses. Catholic or not, it will totally be worth the mere hour of your time.

[Newsflash: Helio Castroneves wins the Indy 500 from the pole position! Nice race ladies and gents, nice race. Classic, he and the whole team just climbed the fence. He is a 3 time winner of this race.]

Now I'm off to visit my grandparents, who just live 2 miles away, before another race tonight The Charlotte 600- NASCAR's longest race of the season. Keep enjoying your Memorial Day Weekends!

Love to all,
~A racecar driver loving, Jess


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