Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain, Rain go away.....

....this little girl wants to go out and play. Or at least haul her ass around the lake twice before yoga. That's probably not happening....but I must admit that the rain beating on the studio windows is very soothing, so all will not be lost. Seriously though, if this volume of rain keeps up for another day or so the pool is going to overflow. I've never actually seen that happen so I am kind of excited. Yes, I am easily amused as well.

Thanks to the lack of nice outdoor weather I have been able to read a lot more this week and I am about 5 pgs from finishing this book. It is absolutely amazing. It is written in a style I've never seen before as part of it is narrated by a dog. Actually it ends up being narrated by several dogs, a bobcat and a ghost. That sounds a little lame and to fantasy-ish but it's not. It's really about survival, being self sufficient and in the end, love. It's one of those books that men and women alike will relate to and enjoy, so please check it out. (Then tell me, so we can talk about it, without me giving away all the good stuff).
Here is a list of the other books written by D. Harington:
Farther Along
The Pitcher Shower
The Architecture of Arkansas (A Novel)
When Angels Rest
Butterfly Weed
and quite a few more....check him out, totally worth it.

I went to this great little Cantina last night with some of the girls (and ex-girls) from work. It is actually a branch of Red Mesa, which I ADORE, so I was very excited to check it out. Turns out that A (I've decided to use initials since this is public, and I'm not sure how everyone would feel about being on the Internet) and one of her friends are considered "regulars" there so we got the best service! Totally going back. Especially since I didn't really get to eat anything. I can say that their homemade tortilla chips and trio of dips were very tasty though.

Um, makes me want Mexican food...I might have to make some veggie quesadillas for dinner.
Time to shove off and brave the rain home. And walk the dog in the down pour. Again. sigh.
Love to all,
~A hungry, but not wanting to get wet, Jess


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