Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They be calling me....

...Jess-Lizard Wrangler now.

So, I got out of work a bit early today- and by a "bit" I mean, oh 10mins...but you take what you can. Hit up the library, took the pup for a long walk-still no running for moi, Dr's Orders :( and had just settled down for a nice dinner show casing these lovelies:
Basically my black bean-sweet potato salad, but I subbed fresh corn leftover from Memorial Day (my parents always send me home loaded up with food...we are Italian, it's in the blood). I paired it with more Memorial leftovers of a giant hotdog. Yes, hotdogs are one of my MAJOR weaknesses, but I am working on it. I topped this baby with crout and the yummy pear relish that my dad's toolroom guy makes. This stuff is awesome!
I was about half way through the above plate (it's a little sandwich plate...I'm a pig, but within reason!) when I got a frantic phone call from my YogaGF. She is petrified of lizards, which even she admits is an irrational fear, especially being a FL native like myself, but a fear nontheless. I've seen her in full freakout mode before, so I didn't hesitate when she said there was one in her apartment and she couldn't get it out. Enter Jess the Lizard Wrangler to the rescue. One zippy car ride and some creative dancing around her apartment later and we were free of the baby lizard. After a walk around the neighborhood to check out a few houses that have come on the market I called it a night and returned home in the hopes to finish my dinner. Well, someone finished....a big, furry someone. Poor Chub, he was freaking out when I left, as he tends to do once I get home for the "night" and I guess he couldn't help himself that I had left my plate out on the kitchen counter.

So, I had these beauties instead. Can't beat some fresh strawberries and half a banana drizzled with a tiny amount of dark chocolate. Yum o.
Besides, after all the lizard chasing I think I deserved a treat no? Now off to bed I go.
Love to all,
~A contemplative Jess- considering switching careers to "pest removal" :D

PS. No reptiles were injured in the making of this post's adventures.


biz319 said... Best Blogger Tips

you had me at sauerkraut on your hot dog - best thing ever!

I love sauerkraut so much, I can eat it out of the can without even warming it up! :D

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