Sunday, October 11, 2009

All American Food, sorta

Hi all,

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend. We are still sweltering down here in FLA, but a day off, be it a hot one, is still a great day in my book. My weekend has been fairly ordinary, just working on the abarnment (yes, I owe you a massive update on that project, no I have not forgotten), school stuff, mass and a sweet bike ride with 'Stiner-but that last blurb is it's own post.

Between working on the barn, going to mass and grading papers until I fell asleep [Yes, I literally feel asleep with my binder of grading on the couch. I may or may not have drooled on some poor child's homework. Whoops.] I did have some pretty decent eats. All of which stem from an American classic and were veggiefied by moi!

First up was a late lunch consisting of leftover Chicken Dogs from my parents grill out on Friday (I was out with co-workers at a mediocre seafood buffet-you really aren't missing out there, I promise). At the same time I was thinking about that easy to zap and munch hottie in the fridge I really wanted Mac n I came up with the following as a compromise.
Ok, so it really wasn't a true compromise, I just had a smaller portion of mac and beefed up everything with more veggies. I topped my whole grain cradled dog with onions, green peppers and tomatoes and mixed in broccoli with my mac; a very favorite combination of mine. If you haven't tried this yet you totally helps me with my portion control of macaroni, since I am the girl that would eat a WHOLE pot (read: the entire box) as a "snack" in college. Yipes. Now with the broccoli mixed it you get such an extra serving of fiber it really fills me up.

After mass I was really craving some pizza, MellowMushroom to be specific, but sadly the location in Gville closed just THIS week! (WTF, like whoah!) So, Mum and I whipped up homemade pizzas instead. Now I'm not going to lie, I've never really enjoyed our homemade pizzas. I know the dough is a family recipe and all, but we cook them on the grill and they always turned out really smokey I though, blah, blah blah. But lucky for me Momma let me make one all veggie and it turned out super! Apparently that over smokey flavor I've disliked all these years was the 15lbs of pepperoni on our "supreme" pizzas. Meat free is the way to go, yo!
My veggie pizza was graced with the following toppings:
Sauce (duh) and some parm cheese
Green Peppers
Fresh Tomatoes
Katamala Olives
Sundried Tomatoes
Mozza Cheese

So good. Now I've got to "be good" and get away from the computer so I can finish my drool coated grading and lecture notes for tomorrow....cause like it or not I'll be headed out the door for another work week in ~12 hours from now! Ack!

Love to all,
~your classic procrastinator teacher, Jess


Lindsey @ Sound Eats said... Best Blogger Tips

No way, the Mellow Mushroom here closed? Like for good? :(

Jess said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard rumor that they are opening a location closer to campus (although they were pretty darn close in my opinion)....I hope that rumor is true!

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