Thursday, October 1, 2009

Please don't adjust your televsion set.....

Hi all,

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Thursday. Mine was going great....I survived running 4 classes of all labwork, 2 practical jokes (my students are VERY lucky that I have a great sense of humor) a needy older teacher and a disturbingly sleepy drive home to my "big" plans for the night. Chicken Chili for dinner, to celebrate the coming of fall and the First of October, some light lesson planning all while watching So You Think You Can Dance followed by Glee. Except those shows are not on Thursday nights anymore. Oh no, says Fox, we've moved them to Tuesday and Wednesday you are still behind on two of your favorite programs (of course I do watch Glee online, so not all is's just the darn principle of the matter!).

Oh well, I sighed, no big deal really. And then I signed into realise that America's Next Top Model has begun and I'm FIVE episodes behind! What? Who am I? I used to have these schedules on LOCK. Teaching is ruining my life! haha. Oh and just to add insult to injury, the CW is way behind on posting all the full episodes online, only the 2nd one is up for some strange reason. Le sigh. At least I can catch up with Grey's now...reluctantly, since I am pretty much ready to abandon my once true love who has now killed off or fired nearly all my favorite characters/actors. We'll see, Grey's, we'll see.

TV drama over....who else is enjoying this fabulous weather? I sure am and I'm really pumped to teach my lessons outside tomorrow! yay!

Oh, did you want to hear more about that White Bean Chicken Chili? Oh, well why don't I just show you:This is the classic recipe right off the back of the Bush's Navy Bean Can...2 cans beans, shredded chicken meat, chicken stock, plus chill powder and cumin! (which, fyi is probably my favorite spice on the face of the planet). Topped with some moneray jack cheese, 0% Fage and unpictured Texas Pete. Oh so GOOD.
Paired with a Cheddar and Jalapeno baked quesadilla. So yummy for dipping.

Now I'm off to bask in the lovely fall air flowing in my open windows while bonding with my teacher's edition textbooks.

Love to all,
~ A oh so happy tomorrow is Friday, Jess

PS. Go check out my pal, Lindsey's new and improved blog home, Sound Eats. She has put a lot of wonderful work into this new blog and it really shows! Plus she's doing a great giveaway right now, so all the more reason to cruise over and say hi! Just tell her, Jess sent ya!


biz319 said... Best Blogger Tips

Pretty sure its mandatory to have something to dip into chili! Yours looks delicious!

I have so many shows on my DVR, I haven't even gotten to Glee yet - love that show!

Happy Saturday!

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