Sunday, October 11, 2009

Riding a bike.....

......really is as easy as riding a bike!

As I teased in my earlier post, I went on a 15ish mile long bike ride with my darling Christine today and in spite of a rather tender tailbone at the moment it was FABuLOUS! Neither 'Stiner nor I had seriously ridden a bike since our preteen years, so this was truly an adventures. My lucky partner in crime recently purchased a gorgeous new Trek, but I'm still rocking my Huffy from Toys R Us, which I now know has only semi working breaks (no worries, no one was harmed on our ride) and gears that don't shift properly. So, yeah I might be in need of a new bike...but I'm saving up for this lovely tangerine road bike I am rather smitten with at Gator if 1000 bucks would just rain from the sky! haha.

Check out our fun! (and no, we didn't even need to go to Dave and Busters to bring out our "fun"!....what you guys don't know what I'm talking about? You really don't watch enough commercials).

As we were getting ready at the "provided parking" at the Old Town trailhead I noticed that Christine must love the color blue....

Car, Bike, Shoes, Helmet, this girl is rocking the azuel!

We saw some wild life on our ride! Meet Morris the Tortoise!
He was pretty bold and let me get close.....
Really Close!

I l like this trail, because you cross over the Suwanee River. So what better place to have a snack and take some pictures?

Rocking out with the Huffy...please forgive the unflattering aqua tanktop....I thought this was cuter!

We split a Chocolate Coconut Chew Lara Bar...with a side of Suwanee River! So tasty, both with the eyes and the mouth!

I love this girl! She is one of the best things to come out of my move back to my hometown. It's crazy to think how different my life is right now as compared to one year ago....and then go back yet another year and I was still in college, so you know how crazy different that is. Needless to say I am very happy where I am right now and yes, you will be seeing tons of Christine on the blog! :)

Racing back to the car our shadows looked really cool....
but once I stopped to take this picture, well, not as cool. But considering my big achievement was to reach down and grab my water bottle, drink from it and then return it to the rack? Well, I wasn't going to try and bike and photograph at the same time...sorry! But trust me, our shadows rock in action!

And lastly it was great to stumble back into the house to find a home cooked Sunday meal awaiting me!

Yay for grilled "naked" chicken (deskined with seasoning: Black Pepper, Chili Powder, Celery Salt and Poultry Seasoning), with green beans and mushrooms plus a medium sized baked potato with 0% Fage of course!

To bed, says my tired rump!

Love to all,
~A hippy dippy bike riding babe, Jess


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