Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall has Fallen!

Hi all and a Happy Chilly Tuesday to you!

I know this snap of fall weather is really just a tease, but I've so been enjoying the crisp fall air the last few days. And since you all know my favorite food is soup, well, even more reason to love temperatures below 85 degrees F!

I'm still working on my uber long recap of my adventures at F&W 2009, but in the meantime please enjoy this soup and sweater montage!

Tomato Basil Bisque at Dexter's of Thorton Park

Homemade Sirloin Veggie Soup (I'm not a huge steak fan these days, but this soup was so packed with veggies-oh it rocks!) Plus yummy Arnold Farms Flatbread

Chicken Chili with % Fage and chips for dipping

The Cutest (and most modest!) Teacher on your block

And Ben and Jerry's Fair Trade Vanillia Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB....whoops were did that come from?! Don't be hatin!

Love to all,
~A cuddle bug in the cool weather, Jess


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