Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Octoberfest!

Everyone knows a good weekend in my book starts with a Friday night at Stubbies, and thankfully this evening couldn't have come at a better time. With the end of the marking period falling on Friday this teacher had had it up to her ears with wails of "Ms. M what's my grade? What do you mean I have a D? What? I had to turn that in? Well, can I make it up? NO!?! Can I do extra credit...wahhh, wahhh, wahhhh." If only they cared about their grades all term and not just the last week off it. Needless to say an evening of good food, friends and beer was just what the doctor and/or stressed teacher ordered!
I was so ready for this night out that immediately after meeting up with the usual Stubbie's Friday Crew I ordered a surprise Hefeweizen (the surprise being I just asked the bartender to bring me which ever one he wanted....they have something like ten different Hefeweizens in stock at all times). My Russian Roulette beer choice landed me with the Pinkus and I couldn't have been happier! Oh so yummy.

After that tall glass (literally) of refreshingness I was ready to dive into the season pumpkin beers that are available this time of year. Sadly they were out of the Dogfish Head Pumpkin ale on both draft and bottle so I went with a darker choice of the Weyerbacher Pumpkin Ale.

This baby smelled like Big Red (and I love cinnamon gum, so you won't hear me complaining) and tasted more like pumpkin pie spice than the actual gourd, but was very drinkable.

Around this time I knew I needed some food, pronto so I actually had one of Stubbies famed sausage platters.

Knockwurst with krout plus hot German Potato Salad, cold cucumber salad and pumpernickel bread. Very tasty, but all rather salty. The only things I really enjoyed was the crout, cukes and bread. What is wrong with this Sausage Lovin' Gal? I think I'll stick with the Brats from now on!

Lastly to round out the night I had this dark beauty. I don't remember what it is called, but I know it's similar to Spaten Optamater, because that is what I wanted and they were all out (2 strike outs in one night! Bummer! But with 300ish beers you really can't go wrong) so I said, just bring me something similar. and Tada! Here it is:
A round of waters later we said audu for the evening, with tickets in hand to come back on Sunday, October 25th for the true Octoberfest! So my beer and brat loving babes, you will have to anxiously await at Jess and Stubbie's update until this weekend!

Love to all,
~A oh so proud to be a beer drinking girl, Jess


Glo said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww Stubbies used to be my favorite hang out on a Friday night in college! Durty Nelly's was a close 2nd though ;) Have a great week!

Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

This post makes me feel old. Because I remember the days when Stubbies didn't serve food. And I get a shock every time I'm reminded it does.

Grading period hits us next week..UGH!

Also, I'm not even joking here. The word verification for this comment is: Redneck.

What does that mean?

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