Friday, October 9, 2009

The Newest's New!

Hi all and a Super Happy Friday to ya!

I hope everyone had a great week and is joyfully embracing the weekend. Lord knows I am! I had an incredibly busy week, as I'm sure you all have guessed, since I only manged one post (although super long) and it was a weekend recap 1/2 through the new workweek! ack! No time....and my rather ancient computer is not making my blogging adventures quick or easy...quite the opposite in fact. (One paycheck to go til my new baby! yay!)...but enough with the excuses! Let's get on with the show....and tonight it features all new food adventures.

I decided instead of boring you with my ongoing cycle of scrambled eggs and toast or a green monster with toast for breakfast, leftovers or a turkey sandwich, the same yogurts, the same bars for lunch and the Russian roulette I've been having for dinner each day I would just share with you some of the new foodie things I've had this week! (and yes, I went shopping on Sunday, so I had lots of fun new products to try!). Check it out:

A Kashi waffle (not new, I know....sorry) topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter [I actually squealed with joy in the supermarket when I found this. I was actually planning on ordering more of the White Chocolate Wonderful (which I also got more of!) and something "new" from Peanut Butter & Co this weekend!] and then a sliced nanner and the "mousse" I had seen on Jenna's blog which is Fage mixed with PB2 Chocolate. What a decicaant put protein packed breakfast. Totally held me over until lunch, which is about 8 hours! I didn't even eat a snack bar, as I usually do.
Speaking of snacks. I tried a new bar by Bear Naked. This tropical flavor was a little too sweet in my opinion, but I really enjoyed the soft oatmeal base and yummy chunks of fruit. Not sure if I would buy it again. What do you guys think of the Bear Naked bars?

The "new" Sabra hummus was a no duh purchase and while it hasn't stolen the number one spot away from the Luscious Lemon, I am enjoying this little tub. A lot!
I tried a 2nd new bar this week. One off the Nectar line by Cliff. This flavor was Lemon, Vanilla and Cashew and well, it rocked my socks off! Very soft (which I like...I'm not a fan of crunchy bars), with just the right amount of sweetness and a great texture from the cashews. It was like a Larabar, but better...since this is a little less dense. Loved it and can't wait to try some other flavors!

Whoops, guess I didn't eat any "new" lunches this week!


"Ghetto Ruben" with ham (yes, I ate some of the dreaded ham, but only since I could cover it with Krout!), swiss, light 1000 island dressing, and krout, of course-on rye. Very tasty actually. Sidded up with some sweet potato rounds and green beans.
"Twisted Fettuchine Alfredo with Spaghetti squash in stead of pasta and a whole bag of baby spinach thrown in at the end. Oh yum. Seriously Yum.

Pinto Bean "soup" - this was supposed to be just pinto beans, but they came out very brothy, so I just went with it. It made a great treat for this soup a holic! Plus a leftover porkchop from a co-worker (I only ate about 1/3 of that guy) and some tomato and cucumber slices to round out the meal. Very fallish- except the weather is still 93 degrees everyday! Ugh.


Yuuuuuuuum! I really don't think this baby needs any further caption.

What kind of "new" eats have you had this week?

Love to all,
~A very ready for some weekend rest, Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I love petit ecoliers, the dark choclate is my favorite!

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