Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here we go round....

....the mulberry bush, the mulberry we go round the....what the heck is a mulberry bush anyways? Anywho!

The theme tonight is round things.

As in what goes around, comes around. As in how often does your boss apologize to you? As in, thank goodness mine did so I can finally put aside the frustration I've been harboring since she wrongly accused me of something in a meeting on Tuesday morning. I like those kind of come-a-rounds!

Here are some other "round" things I the form of today's eats.

The yummy Pesto Tortalini I had for lunch, care of Amy's Pasta Bowls. This was a first time around for me and I can't wait to go round with Amy's Bowls again!

The indulgent stack I had on the way home from work in the form of Peanut Butter M&M's! Totally my fave and so worth it! After giving out candy as Bingo prizes to my students all day as we reivewed for their midterms tomorrow I really had a classic "drugstore" candy craving! Yum.

The amazing grape tomatoes on steroids that made my hum-drum leftover chicken dinner so much more interesting. And juicy! Yay for round rockets of yum!

The round and bubbly Breast Cancer Research pen my mom got me today. It's cute, round and supports a good cause. And couldn't have rolled in at a better time, since my favorite pen bit the dust this week!

Hope you are revved up for a rocking and rolling roundhouse kind of a weekend!

Love to all,
~the rolly, polly, round Jess


Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to try one of those pesto bowls, looks so good!

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