Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Post Shopping Trip Bliss... what I've got...oh say it again! Post Shopping Trip Bliss is what I've got....

Oh, hi, thanks for stopping by friends...and yes, I really do sing about daily activities in "real" life too. Offkey of course, just ask any of my best friends, family, students, neighbors or strangers I may have scared at the mall last night! Some of you may be wondering why I would bother singing about just going to the mall, and frankly a year ago, I wouldn't have been.

Why you ask? Well, it's very simple. A year ago I lived in a city smack dab between 2 malls, both of which were only 15 mins from my condo. Now I live where the only thing 15 minutes away is a gas station and a dairy. So a shopping date with my Mom? Well, that's a precious (and planned weeks in advance) kinda thing!

So let's cut to the chase and see the goods, shall we?Two new "teacher dresses" (the polka dot one is so cute on...I'll take a picture the day I wear it!), some fantastic skinny jeans, a party dress (30 bucks from JC Penny's) that I'm thinking you will see around the holiday time, and some new sandals. Plus underwear and other freebies from Vicky C's (Victoria's Secret-don't ask me why, but Mum and I have called it Vicky C's for years) and some yummy Archer Farms and other necessary products from Target.

Let's take a closer gander at those shoes shall we? Oh we shall....
These puppies are so freaking fantastic! I call them my "primitive man shoes" because they seem like a slightly sophicated version of what our early, early, think caveman early, ancestors would have worn. "Oh, me need shoes. Wrap animal fur around foot. Good shoe." (and yes, I'm crazy, and yes! I acted that out in Dillard's as I was considering purchasing them). So ugly they are cute, very circa Jaslene's Cycle of ATNM (Cycle 8 if you don't recall them by season winner like I do). But seriously, does anyone else remember the fashion show she and Natasha (who totally should have won, fyi!) walked in? It was the evolution of fashion and they had the same shoes...just with 4 inch heels. So hot.. and now I have some. The tame version. Speaking of ANTM I only have 5 mins before it starts so I'd better hustle this post along.Close up of all the other goodies. Pink line underwear and the return of my beloved Secret Crush body lotion! Aussie is ending my line of hairspray so I've been stocking up, plus a bunch of Archer Farm stuff you will be seeing in the near future, plus some Green and Organic 70% and Lavender Method Frangance Pills, since my classroom still tends to reek of dead cat on humid days...which considering this is Florida, is every. single. day.

Of course no shopping trip would be complete without a dinner out. So we headed over to Romano's Macaroni Grill.

They have the table Chianti, so of course I had to have a glass. And a nibble or 4 of their crusty bread too! (Don't worry, that is the whole loaf, not my plate!)I was torn between a few menu items, but finally realized it garlic and spinach I was really craving. So, I ended up ordering

Pasta Milan-Tender chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and imported farfalle pasta in a roasted garlic cream sauce

from the menu, but then asked the server if I could add spinach too.

Oh man this came out good. What a wonderful mix of flavors with a nice earthiness from the mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, plus that green zing from the spinach I was craving. I ate 1/2 and the leftovers made a great lunch!

A few months ago I would never have considered requesting anything that deviated from the menu, since I was a server for years, through high school and college, as to not inconvenience someone I consider a comrade! But I've also realized at most restaurants if you are asking for an addition of some item they have in other dish (such as spinach or artichokes at an Italian restaurant) it's typically not a big deal. I just have to remember that I am the paying customer and I have the right to ask (politely) for what I want!

Now I'm off to bond with the TV (ANTM and Glee!) and grade some papers-it's never ending.

Love to all,
~A shopping and dinning savvy, Jess


Brittany Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

Love teacher's dresses! They are a MUST in Florida. I own a huge, huge amount. (It's a little obscene.)

I've actually got a little shopping trip planned myself for tomorrow:)

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