Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kismet Weekend

Have you every had a day where nothing went quite as planned but it all turned out great? I mean, fabulously great? Try a whole weekend, cause kiddos, Jess got lucky this weekend and had herself a whoozer of a great time! Check it out:


After spending 60+ hours at my beloved school (cough-cough) including a night of being a "ticket taker" at the varsity football game ["we are your student's Ms. M, why can't we get in free?"] I was more than ready to join the crew at what has become a Friday Night Tradition at Stubbies.

I was a bit "late" arriving, since I was at the game until 9pm, but still manged to fit in three lovely brews before the fabulous 'Stiner and I called it a night at 1am!

I started with the Cooper "Sparking Ale" I had been eying on my list for the past few weeks.I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. Don't get be wrong, this ale is a very drinkable beer....I guess I was just thinking sparkling = champagne like = sweet, and well...this just tastes like a very over carbonated Bud. Sorry Cooper, you didn't win me over with this one.

Oh, but my next choice made the dud of an ale oh so worth it. I present to you the Duchesse de Bourgogne.

Oh. My. Duchess! I love me a beer with some complex flavors and this lovely lady did the trick: pear and balsamic vinegar with a touch of deep dark chocolate and maybe celery? Who knows? Who cares...I'm smitten! So, so good. So good in fact I'm going to have a hard time not ordering this every time now...which would defeat the 100 beers in a year challenge, but yes, it is that good. And lucky for me, Stubbies keeps this baby on tap 24/7 so I will certainly indulge in "her" again and again- once I finish my challenge.

Batting third turned out to be a very sweet brew it turns out I'm familiar with, just didn't recognize on my list. As you may have noticed by now I'm a fan of fruit infused beers, so when I saw "pomme" on the menu I knew an apple ale was in cards for me.Once the bottle made it to my little corner of happiness on the communal table we take over each week I realized I've had this lambic as well as it's raspberry sister on several occasions before....it was wonderfully sweet way to knock another "bur" off my list!

To top off an already fantastic night at Stubbies I ordered a round of potato pancakes for the table. Yummmmmmy.
Notice the eager noses/tongues in the corners of this shot! haha.


The "morning after" was a fantastic "lie in" to quote my fictional British friends (I just love using stolen phrase from across the pond....I spell a lot of words "English style" too, just for fun, because I'm a weirdo!). I actually slept into 11:30am, which is a hella long time for moi and then lazied about, hogging Christine's computer to blog stalk all you lovely, lovlies util I finally worked up the motivation to go for a quick run around my bestie's neighborhood. (have you all noticed how I love to run in other people's neighborhoods? I love asphalt! And gloriously shady asphalt at that!) I did a slow and steady 25min jog in and out of all the culdasacs that compose her cute neighborhood including a hill climb in which I impressed myself! Whoot.

When I got back from my run I was super excited to find out that Christine and Ross had whipped up some chocolate chip pancakes! Oh so yummy!

All thanks to Ross' strenght and getting the shaking done right.

Pancake tower and the flapjack champ that made 'em! I had my fair share of that leaning tower of yum!

To top it all off, Christine is probably the best friend ever, since she remembered on her coffee run that I've been on a juice in lieu of caffeine phase and got me this little baby instead.
Now I've had some funky smoothies in a bottle, so I don't purchase them for myself that often, but man, was this the perfect post run sipper/pancake sider!

So, our genius idea to go biking was ruined yet again...this time by getting sucked into a dumb movie on ABC Family (Cody Banks: Secret Agent...anyone? Anyone? ugh, I am soo lame sometimes!). Luckily with my successful in that A.M I didn't feel bad about this change of plans.

So we hit up Tami Nails the next best thing to a long bike ride: PEDICURES! And whooo did my little piggies need some TLC. Sadly the line was super long, since the place had been hijacked by a slew of still hung over sority sisters (one of the down falls to living in a huge college town) so my curly haired side kick and I wandered down to Hogan's Heroes to grab some "lunch" (this was now at 4:45...we were thrown off by our simple carb "breakfast" at 1:30!).

I got this wonderful hot turkey and roast beef sub, but wasn't as hungry as I predicted, so only ate 1/2. The other 1/2 made a great dinner later on!My original plan was to go biking with Christine, run some errands and then meet up with my parents for mass and then dinner, but as we sat at Tami Nails with our feet in lukewarm blue water and I watched the clock slowly tick down towards 5:30pm (also know as the start of the Saturday mass at St. Augustine's) I knew I wasn't going to make my date with God or my parents! haha. Thus continues the change of plans weekend. After a quick call to Mum to inform her that I would go on Sunday, we finally got lovely pedicures.

All these changes worked out great, since my friend Ryan was celebrating his 28th Birthday with Beer and Cake at Stubbies! So after finally getting a few errands done I cruised back to the "motherland" to meet up with Ryan and family....oh and a fabulous German Chocolate Cake with Frangelica Icing! Whoozers!
The birthday boy makes a wish!
Now I'm not the best photographer in the blog world but I'm pretty damn proud of this shot! Do you see the flame on the candle? Now THAT is an action shot! All taken in a dimly lit room too. Bohyah!

Of course I didn't indulge in just cake at Stubbies....I had to knock a few more off my list. I guess I forgot to take a picture of my Sweetwater MotorBoat that was on draft, but oh was this unfiltered and slightly bitter boy picture worthy....I blame my distraction on the cake!

To round out the chocolate I thought the banana lambic I had been circling on my list the past few weeks would do the trick and did it ever!
While this beer may not be for many- and I admit I was leery, since I don't often like banana flavored "things"- it is a winner for me! This lambic literally tastes like a liquid banana. The perfect accompaniment to a slice of rich chocolate cake!
Christine was drinking a raspberry lambic (it's pink beer!), so we had to get a shot of the lambic girls!

Since I missed mass on Saturday night, due to the looooongest pedicure wait, evah! I trucked back to Gville for Sunday night mass. Which ended up being a great ending to what was already a fantastic weekend. I got to hear a wonderful gospel by my favorite priest, Father Tony on what a Christan marriage is about and then the icing on the cake was a meet up with one of my old high school besties, Jenn, who has recently returned to Gville! We met up at Chipolte and chatted over burrito bowls (I didn't take a picture, but I had the same combo as on this day) for nearly 2 hours, before I had to call it a night. I love that my social options just keep growing.

So there is my whirlwind, wondrous weekend! Better 2 days late than never.

I hope everyone has been having a great week thus far.

Love to all,
~A ready to watch some dancing, Jess


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