Thursday, July 30, 2009

Building the Abarnment-Prolouge

Do you know anyone on earth who would choose to move back into their parents house (especially after your room has finally been converted into the spare office) and then labor for 6 months to live in a barn? Oh, hi, that's me and yes, I'm crazy. It took a lot of long hard though and a few phone calls crying with my mom to finally decide to take up my Dad's offer of converting the 2nd story of our barn into a studio apartment for me while I work for a few years (I hope!) as a high school science teacher at one of our local (and very rural) schools.

My parents are beyond wonderful to give up their privacy to let me live on their property (not to mention temporarily in their house) and charge me a very minimal rent a month which will really allow me to get ahead financially too. And the icing on the cake is that I will get to learn how to do pretty much all the basic construction work too, especially considering the barn is currently a plywood floor and studs right now! So bring on the plumbing, wiring, insulation, drywall, paint, cabinets and sinks, oh and a shower stall too please. Bring on the stove and fridge, and a dishwasher too...oh going to need a hot water heater too! Bring on the ceiling fans and light fixtures and a tiny A/C too! And just because I love you guys sooo much, you'll get to hear all about my trials and tribulations of: Building the Abarnment!

Here is the floor plan. Dad and I drew it out last night when I was home to sign my teaching contract. It might help to click and enlarge, but basically it is a 30' by 20' rectangle that we are adding a kitchen and bathroom to. I requested to make it a studio so it will feel larger, and since I'm living by myself it won't be a problem...not that I'm a terribly modest person to begin with. I pretty pumped about how much closet space we have worked into this sucker...the closet in the bedroom is 10feet long! Aww, snap! It has a catherial ceiling too, which makes it feel larger.

Next installment will be all about my move! I'm sure you will all be on the edge of your seats for that one! hehe.
Love to all,
~A busting out the blueprints, Jess


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