Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It ain't easy.....

being green, you know ~Kermit the Frog.

But my meals this week have been, green that is!

First up, a spinach salad drizzled with Ken's Lite Honey Mustard and topped with Morning Star Chikn Tenders, hard boiled egg with a side of tomato. So good, it needs a close up. All doused liberally with sea salt and PEPPER. I love me some black pepper!
Next up, a homemade green pea soup (this would be a split pea soup, but mine weren't split! ha) inspirited by Jenna's the other day. Mine contained turkey bacon, onion, a chopped up sweet potato, 1/2 a bag of organic carrot chips that had been in the crisper drawer for a bit too long an of course dried peas! I didn't have any broth on hand, so plain ol' agua made this lovely mess. I got a little carried away with my blender, but I like my soups in puree form, so it's all good.
And, lordy was it GOOD. Split pea is one of my faves, but I had never thought to make it myself. So easy, so satisfying. You can be expecting to see this one again! And speaking of satisfying, check out my "comfort meal"....So saw right. Onion and green pepper 'dilla with black beans (topped with Greek yogurt, of course!) plus a wonderful mess that is my beloved guac. (sans black pepper and cilantro? WTF did this really come from my kitchen? Sadly, yes. Some how in one day I ran out of both the spice of the gods and my fave herb. It was a mournful moment when I realized this fact, prepping my dinner-but I had big plans of So You Think You Can Dance and rolling all my spare change so trip to Publix was not in the works! Tomorrow!). Still oh so wonderful.

Other green things consumed this week, but not photographed, green monsters galore and a wonderful egg white spinach omelet. Just call me "green goddess"...on second thought no, I'm not sure I want my nickname to be a salad dressing! haha.

Well, my darlings I had a lot more to talk about tonight, but it's rapidly approaching 11pm and I am aiming to be in bed by then...for the first time this week! ahhhh. (keep in mind I read for at least 30mins after going to bed, so my sleep has been lacking these last few days, and so has my motivation to go for morning runs. I must get out of this rut soon...ahhhhhhhhhh).

Love to all,
~A sleep deprived, Jess


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